The “Everything Terrible The Trump Administration Has Done So Far” Omnibus

Here’s a list of all the awful things done the Trump Administration has done so far. It can be to used as a quick reference source in arguments against anyone who tries to dismiss all criticism of the Trump Administration as frivolous, partisan whining. It’s also a reminder that policies enacted by the Trump Administration can be long lasting and cumulative, which is easy to forget in a political culture which jumps around from controversy to controversy, forgetting them as it goes. A spreadsheet version of the omnibus can be found here. For overall summaries and analyses, click here.

Last updated 8:30pm EST, 2/19/2020

  1. Halted Obamacare implementation, began process of repeal which is expected to cause 18 million to lose their health insurance immediately, and 32 million to lose their health insurance in 10 years
  2. Prevented foreign NGOs which receive US funding from providing abortion counseling
  3. Hiked mortgage premiums on home buyers borrowing money from government
  4. Implemented Federal hiring freeze, which is largely recognized as a counterproductive policy that will compromise government functionality and probably end up increasing costs and corruption by increasing reliance on opaque contractors
  5. His PR team has demanded he be able to just outright lie to the press
  6. His CIA pick, Mike Pompeo, has said  he’d consider loosening limits on torture techniques like waterboarding
  7. Had the Department of Justice halt a case on Texas’s voter ID law
  8. Started discussions to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, which serves no purpose other than to antagonize
  9. Lamented the fact that we didn’t plunder Iraq’s oil, said we still might
  10. Has taken a weirdly Nixonian line on executive privilege, using loopholes in the law to circumvent laws on conflicts of interest and nepotism
  11. Issued executive order pushing forward the Keystone/Dakota Access Pipeline. Before the end of the year, the Keystone pipeline had spilled of 210,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota
  12. Froze new grants and contracts at the EPA
  13. Gagged press releases and other releases of material to the public from the EPA, USDA, Department of Interior and other agencies.
  14. Removed all Spanish content from the White House website. Allegedly this was because the site was doing maintenance and Spanish language content was given a low priority, begetting the question of why it was given low priority. As of July 2017, the White House still does not have a Spanish language website
  15. The administration has apparently made it a practice to bring plants to their own events at government offices
  16. Ordered the building of a wall on the border with Mexico, a significant expenditure of about $20 billion, as well as increases in border patrols at a cost of about $13 billion, all unfunded and of questionable social use.
  17. Floated the idea of funding the project with a 20% tariff on imports from Mexico. (later backed off, whether this or other extreme tariffs are enacted is yet to be seen)
  18. Stripped sanctuary cities of federal grants, which is expected to cost them more than $2.27 billion which would otherwise have gone to support everything from schools, infrastructure projects, and HIV prevention.
  19. Called for major investigation into unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud, which can only be only be described as frivolous (pending)
  20. Considered reintroducing CIA blacksites (pending)
  21. Introduced “extreme vetting”, aka the “Muslim ban”, on immigrants from 7 Muslim countries. The system is explicitly discriminatory and violates international law, though it also exempts countries where Trump has business dealings.
  22. Halved the total number of refugees allowed into the country from 110,000 to 50,000, blocked refugees from Syria indefinitely, suspended refugees from all countries for 120 days, and suspended new visas to individuals coming from Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Yemen for 30 days170129030215-protest-travel-ban-jfk-large-169
  23. Implemented a weekly “shame” list of all crimes committed by immigrants. While, yes, the irony of me faulting Trump for maintaining a list of people’s misbehavior is not lost on me, there are some obvious differences. It’s not inappropriate to see Trump and his political team as culpable for their actions, and see those actions as fitting within an agenda. Trump’s list would assign collective guilt on all immigrants, and imply a systemic problem which is not there.
  24. Halted pre-paid $5 million meant for ads and outreach for during the crucial signup period for health insurance, sabotaging efforts to inform people of their health insurance options and potentially raising insurance premiums.
  25. Numerous reports have indicated the Trump Administration has been very lax in its email security. Notable breaches include Trump himself using an unsecure android phone, and numerous staff members continuing to use personal emails for their correspondences. This is especially egregious, considering these are the same practices Trump criticized Clinton for during the campaign.
  26. Possibly violated the constitution by allowing his hotels to accepting payment from foreign governments, then merging his personal and government finances by passing the money on to the treasury department.
  27. The Justice Department will be defending the Trump Administration on conflict of interest cases at tax payer’s expense. It, along with the significant federal expenditures required to track Trump’s business interest, represent a dubious public expense that could have been avoided had Trump more clearly divested himself of his private holdings.
  28. Omitted all references to Jews, Judaism and antisemitism from statement on Holocaust Remembrance  Day, stoking anxieties about antisemitism among Trump’s supporters and staff
  29. Removed the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Director of National Intelligence from the National Security Council and added his top political adviser, Steve Bannon
  30. Ignored orders by Federal Courts to temporarily halt the deportation of people with valid visas as a consequence of the Muslim Ban. Customs and Border Patrol agents working under the Department of Homeland Security continued to attempt to deport people, possibly creating a constitutional crisis.
  31. Filed for reelection on the day of his inauguration. This action, which is highly unusual, allows Trump to immediately begin accepting campaign contributions, prompting further fears of conflicts of interest and corruption.
  32. Possibly purged, or prompted the resignation of, a large portion of senior State Department officials. Motives aside, the broad and abrupt nature of this has left the agency seriously lacking in human capital.
  33. Authorized a military strike in Yemen which killed at least 15 women and children, including the 8-year-old daughter of US citizen and terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki. This incident, which at the very least displays a callous disregard for those killed as collateral damage, is particularly disturbing given Trump’s previous claim that he’d “take out” the families of terrorists.
  34. Signed an executive order demanding that, for every new regulation enacted, 2 must be revoked, and mandated that net spending on regulations must be zero for. The order has been called “arbitrary” and “impossible to implement” and will undermine effective government.
  35. Used congressional staffers to create the Muslim Ban Executive Order. Had staffers sign non-disclosure agreements so that their employers (congress) would not know about it, thus circumventing the division between the executive branch and the congressional branch.
  36. Weakened the Obama Administration’s lobbying ban
  37. Iced out” CNN in attempt to punish it for unfavorable coverage
  38. Reneged on his campaign promise to negotiate drug prices
  39. Maintained much of his private security after assuming office, which has previously been accused of using excessive, racial profiling, and trampling free speech
  40. Froze implementation of new overtime pay rules
  41. Reportedly harangued the Prime Minister of Australia over a preexisting plan to relocate 1,250 refugees to the US, possibly nixed the deal
  42. Accused Germany of trade manipulation, possibly blundering the US into a trade war with the EU and Japan
  43. Threatened to send troops into Mexico to the Mexican President
  44. Reported to have ordered the covert military operation in #33 without sufficient intelligence, leading the Navy SEAL team into an ambushed and possibly causing the above cited civilian casualties.
  45. Loosened sanctions on Russia, even as Russian backed separatists ramped up attacks in Ukraine
  46. Vowed to “destroy the Johnson Amendment” which prohibits churches from engaging in politics at the risk of losing their tax exempt status, blurring the line between church and state.
  47. Threatened to cut federal funding to UC Berkley after student protests
  48. Rolled back financial regulations implemented under the Dodd-Frank Act which prevent financial institutions from investing retirement savings into risky products for their own benefit, without disclosing the information to the investors. This move is expected to cost retirees $17 billion a year
  49. Repealed the “blacklisting rule”, which requires companies bidding for federal contracts to disclose labor law violations.
  50. Repealed the Extraction Payment Disclosure rule, which requires oil, gas, mining, and other extraction companies to disclose their payments to foreign governments
  51. Repealed the Stream Protection Rule, which prevents coal companies from dumping their waste products into rivers and other effluenceprestea-mine
  52. Repealed a rule which limits the ability of people with mental illnesses to purchase guns
  53. Proposed new rules to make special enrollments under Obamacare more difficult
  54. Considered scrapping the Countering Violent Extremism program in favoring of one focusing exclusively on radical Islam, turning a blind eye to right wing extremism and further antagonizing American Muslims
  55. Wiped pages on Civil Rights, Climate Change, and LGBT Rights from the White House website after taking office
  56. Attempted to justify the Muslim Ban by alluding to a fictitious “Bowling Green Massacre”
  57. Blocked 9 companies from providing affordable internet to the poor
  58. Tacitly endorsed Israel’s recent drive to expand settlements in the West Bank
  59. Encouraged more aggressive civil assets forfeiture
  60. Questioned legitimacy of judges who blocked his travel ban, an attack on judicial independence which even Trump’s own supreme court nominee found demoralizing
  61. Possibly broke ethics rules by going out of their way to criticize Nordstrom for dropping Ivanka Trump’s product line, then publicly endorsing them
  62. Delayed listing bumblebees as endangered
  63. Issued tough on crime executive orders that reverse course on police reform with the excuse of confronting a non-existent crime wave
  64. Wiped references to the Affordable Care Act from government websites
  65. Has apparently nixed extending the New START Treaty on nuclear arm’s control
  66. Ordered the USDA to remove inspection reports and other  animal welfare safeguards, enabling animal abuse
  67. Apparently deleted a Department of Labor website that allowed Wells Fargo employees to report abusive labor and employment practices carried out by the bank
  68. Launched a mass deportation drive that has put countless immigrants who have built their lives in the US in the crosshairs. It’s estimated that 700 were arrested in the first week of the drive.
  69. As President-Elect undermined Obama’s foreign policy and possibly broke the Logan Law when Michael Flynn called Russian Ambassador and suggesting that the Trump Administration would roll back sanctions. Flynn was eventually forced to resign as questions emerged as to whether or not he had misled the White House and received money from the Russian government
  70. Withdrew a challenge to an injunction blocking guidelines that would prevent discrimination against transgender people in restrooms, then later withdrew the guidelines altogether
  71. Issued a list of “under reported” terrorists attacks which omitted domestic terrorist attacks committed by white nationalists/right wing terrorists. It also misspelled “San Bernardino”
  72. Reportedly has generally created turmoil at the National Security Council
  73. Attempted to block Salam Fayyad from acting as UN envoy to Libya, complicating attempts to mediate a peaceful resolution to the country’s ongoing civil war, essentially just to spite Palestine
  74. Acted irresponsibly by reviewing sensitive intelligence on open patios and allowing members of his private club at Mar-A-Lago to take pictures with the “nuclear football”c4hf_afwmaaeex_
  75. After learning of Michael Flynn’s potentially illegal activities in #69, did nothing for 18 days.
  76. He and the Republican Congress have also rejected investigating potentially serious misconduct by administration officials related to #69, and instead have indicated their desire to go in the opposite direction by cracking down on whistle blowers
  77. Caught lying about communicating with Russian intelligence officials during the 2016 campaign. In fact, the Trump campaign maintained regular contact with Russian intelligence officials
  78. Broke from decades of US foreign policy by abandoning a 2 state solution for the Israel/Palestine conflict
  79. Shortened the enrollment period for the ACA by one and a half months, making it increasingly difficult for people to gain access to affordable healthcare
  80. Lowered the quality standards for healthcare plans listed on the ACA marketplace
  81. When asked whether he would include the Congressional Black Caucus, appeared to be vaguely unaware of what the Congressional Black Caucus was and asked the reporter asking him the question to arrange a meeting with them, apparently thinking that because she was black she must have known their members personally
  82. Began to arrest “dreamers” (i.e. people who had been brought to the US as children) who were living in the US legally under DACA.
  83. Considered mobilizing the national guard to use as a deportation force
  84. Ordered government economists to cook up rosy economic forecasts. Also appears poised to tamper with the way economic statistics are calculated to advance his policy goals
  85. Said Republican congressmen only represent Republican voters in their districts, indicating an intent to govern in an overtly hard line partisan that does not represent the population at large
  86. Nixed $674 million in spending to electrify California’s rail system, effectively killing hopes for a high speed rail in the state
  87. Revived the “Secure Communities” program which had been previously shut down for endemic racial profiling
  88. Began firing staff who criticized Trump before his election. Also firing staff who complained about him in private
  89. Declared the media to be the “enemy of the American people”
  90. Instructed ICE agents to deport migrants who have been charged, but not convicted, of crimes while also stating immigrants will not be afforded rights under U.S. privacy laws
  91. Laid the groundwork for a humanitarian crisis in YemenYEMEN-CONFLICT-AID-MALNUTRITION
  92. Proposed using background checks on Chinese immigrant’s social media profiles in a move civil rights advocates fear will be used to discriminate against Chinese immigrants. Later tweaked visa the visa application process to require mandatory social media background checks for immigrants from several countries.
  93. Prioritized” the deportation of nearly all undocumented immigrants everywhere,  potentially for offenses as minor as traffic violations, setting the stage for mass deportations
  94. Decided to treat transgender rights as a “states rights issue”, presumably knowing full well what “states rights” tends to mean for civil rights issues
  95. Implemented a policy to deport immigrants who had entered the US through Mexico back to Mexico regardless of whether or not they are Mexican citizens, which is likely to create security problems and legal challenges as authorities in each country pass immigrants back and forth
  96. Scuttled a CEO pay regulation
  97. Reversed an Obama era policy curtailing private prison use
  98. Meddled in the FBI by trying to direct the agency to dispute reports of Trump’s ties with Russia
  99. Caused numerous abuses through the immigration crackdown. Notably, they detained a hospitalized woman with a brain tumor, attempted to deport a US citizen, and searched the ID’s of people on domestic flights
  100. In stark contrast to the Obama Administration, burned the standing rock protest camp to the ground and evicted protesters
  101. Barred the New York Times, CNN, and Huffington Post from participating in White House press briefings
  102. Vowed crack down on states over marijuana
  103. Gave away millions in royalties on coal extracted on public lands to coal companies
  104. Dropped support for allowing Transgender students to use locker rooms of their choice
  105. Dropped an Obama era guideline mandating safety regulations for self-driving cars
  106. Undermined net neutrality by ending a rule that required small and medium Internet Service Providers to provide information to their customers on broadband prices, services, and fees.
  107. Had the DoJ officially drop the case against Texas’s discriminatory voter ID law
  108. Skipped the Correspondent’s Dinner
  109. Tried to use Historically Black Colleges to sell school choice, as though African Americans chose to be ostracized from the mainstream education system
  110. Began pulling pending nominees to regulatory commissions, leading to fears he is upending the practice of bipartisan inclusion on regulatory panels
  111. In the immigration enforcement executive order, effectively excluded non-citizens from receiving protection under the 1974 Privacy Act
  112. Refused to participate in ethics training prior to assuming office
  113. Jeff Sessions failed to disclose ties with Russian officials, possibly lying under under oath
  114. Trump’s advisor and son-in-law, Jarod Kushner, also attended A meeting with Russian envoys in December with Michael Flynn, potentially breaking the Logan Law. Kushner was also likely paid $50,000 by a Kremlin linked Foreign Policy Group
  115. Signed an executive order to dismantle the Clean Water Rule
  116. Deregulation czar, Carl Icahn, apparently used his position to strong-arm the ethanol lobby to save his own company millions
  117. Created a general sense of witch hunts at Federal Agencies in attempt to shut down leaks
  118. Repealed ban on lead ammunition in national parks. It’s estimated 20 million birds and other animals die of lead poisoning each year from led munitions used by hunters, even though the cost of non-lead munitions are no more expensive
  119. Suspended consumer protections for airline passengers
  120. Skipped the release of the annual Human Rights Report
  121. Appears to have silenced reports of penalties and other enforcement actions from the Labor Department
  122. Skirted its own ethics rules by hiring lobbyists to serve in areas where they had lobbied while in the private sector
  123. Generally quiet on wave of anti-Semitic and Islamophobic attacks since his election, and instead suggested that they may be “false flag” operations
  124. Reissued the Travel Ban after the previous version had been halted by court order
  125. Ben Carson referred slaves as merely being “immigrants” who “worked hard for less”
  126. Ended regulation that mandated telecommunications companies take reasonable measures to protect their customer’s Social Security Numbers and other private information
  127. Dramatically fired justice department attorneys from the Obama era in a move that many law enforcement officials considered to be confused and disruptive
  128. Attempted to blame Obama for releasing 122 people from Guantanamo bay who returned to terrorist activities, when in fact the vast majority (115 or so) were released under Bush
  129. During his campaign had approved an adviser’s trips to Moscow, despite continuing to deny any links with Russia
  130. Rolled back Obama era education rules that attempted to lighten the punitive actions related to standardized testing and take a more nuanced approach to tracking student performance
  131. Shut out the public and scientific information from discussions on public land use
  132. Expanded CIA authority to launch drone strikes
  133. Continued to put the squeeze on the civil service
  134. Dropped Climate Change as a factor in government decision makingcbographic1_74f92b03534f995b750922e4dfe75160-nbcnews-ux-600-480
  135. Broke numerous campaign promises on healthcare by introducing and promoting the American Health Care Act (AHCA) which, among other things, slashes $880 billion from Medicaid  and substantially reduces coverage
  136. When the CBO projected that the AHCA would reduce health insurance by 14 million over 1 year and 24 million over 10 years, the White House attempted to legitimize the CBO, even as their own OMB appeared to predict even larger losses of 26 million over 10 years
  137. OMB director, Mick Mulvaney, made a completely unsubstantiated claim that the Obama administration manipulated economic reports
  138. EPA Director, Scott Pruit, started using the EPA as essentially his own PR firm
  139. Spent several times what the Obama Administration cost in vacations
  140. After ostentatiously pledging to donate both his Presidential salary and profits from the patronage of foreign governments at his businesses, refused to provide any actual proof that he is doing either of those things
  141. Moved to undo Obama era emissions standards
  142. Killed a rule limiting drug testing requirements for unemployment benefits
  143. Restricted media access and limited transparency of diplomatic trips
  144. Possibly divulged classified information
  145. Filed motions to impinging on the independence of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  146. Allowed debt collectors to charge usurious rates on past due student loans
  147. Betrayed his base and jeopardized the future of the American economy by pushing a budget which slashes programs poor, elderly and rural voters rely on while also slashing funding for scientific research and education, among other things
  148. Ousted a UN Official to shield Israel from criticism, then later boycotted a UN session due to perceived “Anti-Israel bias”
  149. Delayed an occupational safety rule aimed at limiting worker’s exposure to Beryllium, a hazardous material linked with lung cancer
  150. Delayed EPA regulations addressing air quality guidelines, formaldehyde emissions stemming from composite wood products, and pesticide regulations, among other things
  151. Continued to attract potential conflicts of interest with lobbying groups holding events at Trump properties
  152. Snubbed NATO, weakening the alliance and undermining national security
  153. Snubbed hearings on human rights
  154. Made a severe ethics violation and caused significant potential conflicts of interest by having Ivanka Trump move into the West Wing
  155. Allowed Internet Service Providers to sell their customer’s browser history without their permission
  156. Appears to have colluded with Representative Devin Nunes to subvert the probe into the Trump Administration’s connections to Russian intelligence agencies and shutting the public out of the proceedings and later cancelling hearings
  157. Failed to sign on to joint communication condemning China’s human rights abuses, undermining international solidarity on the issue
  158. Halted an anti-corruption effort in the energy sector
  159. Pushed to undo a key labor regulation that requires workplaces to maintain a record of worker injuries and illnesses
  160. Repealed rules forbidding a raft of inhumane hunting practices in wildlife refuges
  161. Delayed rules for humane treatment of livestock
  162. Was silent as Russian authorities arrested hundreds of peaceful protesters
  163. Broke promise to ensure XL Pipeline delivered “significant profits” to Americans
  164. Outlined measures to block grants and federal funding to sanctuary cities
  165. Revived the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste plan
  166. Issued executive order rolling back the Clean Power Plan and other environmental regulations
  167. Tried to block Sally Yates from testifying in the Russia probe
  168. Omitted sexual orientation and gender identification from the 2020 census, making it more difficult to collect information that may be used to improve research and policy on LGBTQ issues
  169. Broke ethics pledge for appointments as appointments return immediately as lobbyists
  170. In a display of diplomatic ineptitude, came to a meeting with Angelina Merkel obviously unprepared, aggressively demanded that Germany pay the US billions of dollars, and manically jumped around from subject to subject when he became disinterested/in over his head on different issues. The display, which is embarrassing enough in and of itself, also undermines US alliances and leadership
  171. Provided the tie breaking vote to defund family planning clinics
  172. Mike Pence won’t eat alone with women other than his wife in a move that’s not just bizarre, but does tangibly harm progress on women’s rights
  173. Stopped disclosing troop deployments in Iraq and Syria
  174. Refused to ban a pesticide linked to brain damage
  175. Undermined rule meant to make local and state governments encourage private companies to provide employee retirement savings plans
  176. Preempted rule meant to regulate job training programs
  177. Adopted posture towards Egypt ignoring its human rights abuses
  178. Defunded a global maternal health organization which helps save tens of thousands of lives per year
  179. Betsy DeVos’s brother, Blackwater founder Erik Prince, held talks to establish secret back channel with the Russian government
  180. Signaled a rollback on the Obama Administration’s police reform efforts
  181. Reversed an Obama era environmental policy, which had blocked a large scale project to pump groundwater from the Mojave Desert
  182. Attempted to strong arm twitter into disclosing the identities of numerous private user accounts
  183. Delayed the Silica rule, which limits the amount of cancer causing dust workers can be exposed to at work
  184. Possibly violated the Constitution when he ordered a missile strike on a Syrian airbase. Also warned Russia, and by extension Syria, in advance of the strike.
  185. After the original push to repeal Obamacare failed, restarted repeal efforts by offering to ditch coverage for those with pre-existing conditions
  186. Appointed Niel Gorsuch, a candidate more conservative than Antonine Scalia, to the Supreme Court after almost a year long effort to block Obama’s pick, Merrick Garland,  eventually using the nuclear option, barring filibusters on Supreme Court nominations, to do so
  187. Undermined transparency and drew law suits by not release visitor logs to the white house
  188. Earned a GAO investigation into whether or not the Trump Administration followed federal guidelines and ethics rules in its transition
  189. Ended hiring freeze, only to immediately replace it with deep cuts to Federal agencies, continuing to compromise effective government in the interest of ideological excess
  190. Sean Spicer claimed that not even Hitler gassed his own people, totally neglecting the Holocaustspicey
  191. Ended Obama era rule that prohibited states from defunding healthcare providers which provide abortions
  192. In addition to keeping the White House visitor logs secret, also shut down the portal, which also makes information on public financial disclosures and white house staff
  193. After complaining about Benghazi for years, failed to nominate a State Department official responsible for keeping diplomats safe
  194. Congratulated Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for winning a referendum effectively making himself a dictator
  195. After claiming to send a US Naval group to Korean waters as a show of force, it was revealed that the fleet had been moving in the wrong direction for several days, betraying a lack of coherence in White House’s command
  196. Ivanka Trump won China trademarks the day she dined with Chinese President Xi Jinping, suggesting a breach of conflict of interests
  197. Broke promise when he deported a Dreamer
  198. Overall, was determined to be the least transparent administration in decades
  199. In general has allowed big business a high degree of access to push for everything from allowing them to drill for oil in Russia to scrapping scientific studies on the harmful effects of pesticides,
  200. Refused to assure health insurance companies that they will receive payments that help low income Americans with out of pocket expenses
  201. Asked a federal appeals court to delay arguments over a rule that prevents coal-fired power plants from releasing toxic chemicals, including mercury, lead, arsenic and other pollutants, into the environment.
  202. Preempted the implementation of a rule that would prevent coal plants from emitting mercury and polluting streams
  203. Used terrorist attack as pretext to make comments supporting Le Pen
  204. Flouted transparency in secret meeting with former Colombian presidents
  205. Created a prejudicial hotline for reporting crimes by immigrants
  206. Unveiled a tax plan which, among other things slashes the Corporate income tax rate dramatically and eliminates the estate tax
  207. Has consistently muddied the waters on the legal issues surrounding sanctuary cities
  208. Flirted with a trade war with Canada
  209. Threatened to break up the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals after another court overturned his immigration ban
  210. Signed an executive order aimed at scrapping national monuments
  211. It was revealed that Michael Flynn’s numerous questionable activities had been flagged years ago, mean that at the very least, Trump failed to do proper due diligence with Michael Flynn
  212. Issued a Presidential Invitation to Rodrigo Duterte, the President of the Philippines who has committed numerous appalling human rights abuses
  213. Scrubbed all references to Obama era climate plans from EPA website
  214. Rolled back nutrition standards for school lunch programs
  215. Effectively subsidized Florida’s decision not to expand Medicaid
  216. Continued with efforts to make it easier to sue the media in its attempts to cow the press
  217. Discontinued the “Let Girls Learn” program
  218. Warmed relations with Thailand’s military government
  219. Froze $10 million program to combat white supremacist movements
  220. Halted litigation against healthcare settings that discriminate against transgender people
  221. Rehired student loan debt collectors who had previously been caught lying to people trying to get their loans out of default
  222. Carried out his threat in #46 by signing an executive order allowing Churches to engage in greater political activity, both undermining the separation of Church and State and enabling dark money in elections
  223. Resumed arm sales to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain which had been previously halted due to human rights abuses
  224. Delayed implementation of guidelines for e-cigarettes
  225. Has generally engaged in reckless saber rattling over North Korea
  226. Removed scientists from the EPA’s science review board and replaced them with members from agencies the board is meant to police, undermining both the quality of research and regulations
  227. Harassed Sally Yates before she was set to testify on the Russian probe
  228. Cited a segregation era ruling to justify travel ban
  229. Slashed the Office of Drug Control’s budget by 95% seriously undermining the fight against the opiod epidemic
  230. Fired James Comey under suspicious circumstances, possibly in retaliation for his role in escalating the Russian probe, and then attempted to pass blame onto Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein, then admitted he fired Comey over the Russian probe and threatened him with implied tapings of their meetings
  231. Looked for pretext to deport Haitian refugees staying in the US as part of a program designed to help them escape the devastation of an earthquake
  232. Withdrew the Jones Act, which would have required offshore oil and gas operators to use US flagged vessels to transport cargo
  233. Rejected 99% of hurricane relief funding to North Carolina
  234. Delayed Federal standards that would have required states find ways of delivery care to medicaid patients in homes and community based settings
  235. Stripped Georgia woman of reprieve from deportation in test case for deporting people on DACA
  236. Rolled back Obama era reforms in favor of harsher drug sentencing
  237. Launched investigation into frivolous voter fraud charges
  238. Leaked classified information to the Russians, which is not only a breach of national security, but has also led US allies cautious about sharing classified information with the US.Trump leak
  239. Asked Comey to stop the FBI investigation of Michael Flynn. Also in that session asked whether they should start jailing a couple of journalists to intimidate the press.
  240. Encouraged states to ask for Obamacare waivers to set up high risk pools, undermining healthcare reform
  241. Broadened the Mexico City policy
  242. Began dismantling online enrollment for small businesses under the ACA
  243. An aide further alienated Israel when he refused to say whether or not the Western Wall was a part of Israel
  244. Along with Republicans in Congress have horribly neglected and underfunded the Census Bureau while also failing to provide nominees for key positions in the agency, leaving it unprepared at a time when it needs to be ramping up its activities
  245. Caused a staffing shortage at the CDC due to his hiring freeze
  246. Took the first steps to undoing the Obama Administration’s net neutrality rules
  247. Put efforts to measure carbon emissions of cars and trucks on indefinite hold
  248. Signed a potentially illegal $110 bn arms deal with Saudi Arabia
  249. Reveal classified information on the location of nuclear subs to the Philippine President
  250. A CBO report revealed that the revised Republican healthcare plan would leave 23 million people uninsured, and hit older, and cause premiums for lower income Americans with health issues particularly hard. The report also stressed that the plan would potentially raise healthcare cost overall and push a greater share of the costs on consumers
  251. Proposed a budget which are scant on details, relies on wildly optimistic growth projections, and covers up the fact that it would actually act to the deficit substantially by double counting the impact of economic growth
  252. The budget makes substantial cuts to social programs, including education, health insurance for children, and UN peacekeeping operations, to name a few programs
  253. Leaked intelligence about the Manchester bomber, leading the UK to stop sharing intelligence with the US
  254. Jeff Session’s background check form omitted meetings with Russians
  255. Shoved the President of Montenegro
  256. In an address to NATO in which he criticized a number allies, then called Germany “very bad” and threatened to end car sales to the US
  257. Left a “bizarrely chipper” note about the holocaust at the Western Wall in Jerusalem
  258. Jared Kushner attempted to set up a secret back channel with Russia, outside monitoring by US security agencies.
  259. Continued wasting money on Warthog attack planes, even as the military pushed to retire them
  260. Proposed dismantling the Labor Department agency which polices Civil Rights issues among contractors
  261. Proposed ending a student loan forgiveness program for people who make consistent payments and work for organizations that serve the public good
  262. Moved to roll back birth control coverage
  263. Implemented tougher visa vetting, following through on #92, including background checks into social media use
  264. Moved to return Russian compounds which had been seized over concerns of Russian meddling in the 2016 election
  265. Withdrew from the Paris accord on climate change
  266. In an unprecedented move, required Democrats to have Republican cosigners to make routine inquiries. By the beginning of June, the Trump administration had failed to reply to 275 such inquiries.
  267. Suppressed a Senate Report that found that torture is an ineffective way of obtaining useful intelligence
  268. Broke with the new tradition of issuing a proclamation for LGBT pride month, while also reportedly looking into ways to roll back the Obama administration’s efforts to integrate transgender troops into the military.
  269. Authorized seismic airgun blasting off the east coast
  270. Announced plans to privatize air traffic control
  271. Despite constantly campaigning on the threat of terrorism, has been surprisingly bad about the nuts and bolts of anti-terrorism. His sluggish hiring has left agencies charged with implementing anti-terrorism measures understaffed, while he’s also cut grants anti-terrorism grants to cities and states
  272. Stirred the pot in the unfolding diplomatic crisis revolving around Qatar
  273. Once again issued dozens of ethics wavers to dozens of former lobbyists working in his administration
  274. Reversed an Obama era rule that people who work for companies like Uber and McDonald’s must be treated as employees of the corporation entitled to all the same labor rights and protections as other corporate employees
  275. Issued horrendously inaccurate job statistics on the coal industry
  276. Allowed nursing homes to strip their resident’s of their legal rights
  277. Described Trump’s critics as “not even people”
  278. Former FBI Director James Comey revealed in a prepared testimony that Trump attempted to impede a Federal Investigation and undermine the independence of the FBI
  279. Has made it standard practice to reject college grants for low for frivolous reasons.
  280. Had a bizarre cabinet meeting where he had his staff praise him excessively
  281. Abstained from the G7 climate change pledge.
  282. Threw out a rule to protect endangered whales and sea turtles.
  283. Wants to rescind “dissuader rule” requiring employers to disclose when they hire union busting consultants.
  284. Moved to curb financial regulations by proposing rule allowing the CFPB Director to be removed at will, exempting banks with less than $50 billion in assets from stress testing, and exempting firms from the Volker Rule.
  285. Moved to undermine the EPA’s permitting rules.
  286. Stalled implementation of new nutritional labels which make it easier for consumers to see sugar/caloric content of foods.
  287. Released horribly misleading map of Obamacare.
  288. Ended rules protecting students from student loan fraud.
  289. Took steps to reverse the Obama era thaw with Cuba
  290. Has sided with employers on arbitration contracts that are used to deny workers over time pay, among other things
  291. Came under investigation for obstruction of justice
  292. In response to # 291, began making threats towards Robert Mueller
  293. Pushed to soften sanctions against Russia
  294. Has been generally negligent on issues related to HIV
  295. Moved to end visa program for immigrants who come to the US to start businesses
  296. Rounded up 100 Chaldean Christians to deport back to Iraq, which would be a virtual death sentence for them.
  297. Has generally packed his administration with people with extensive ties to corporate America at a rate of 70%
  298. Escalated tensions and flirted with a military confrontation by shooting down a Syrian plane
  299. Removed protections of Yellowstone Grizzly Bears
  300. Rejected the UN Human Rights Council’s call for access to safe abortions
  301. Continued to purge government scientists by telling dozens of EPA scientists their advisory positions will not be renewed
  302. Carried out interrogations at UAE torture sites in Yemen
  303. Opposed using money from a legal settlement of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, in which black men were intentionally and without their consent infected with syphilis, to fund a museum commemorating the victims.
  304. Following up from item 56, slashed funding for program that combats Right Wing extremism
  305. Approved a set of water tunnels which will cost water users an estimated $14 billion and devastate the ecologically sensitive  Sacramento and San Jaoquin river valleysGorsuch
  306. With a deciding vote provided by Niel Gorsuch, the Supreme Court ruled that state prisoners cannot claim their lawyer was unconstitutionally ineffective in Federal Court in the case of Davila v. Davis
  307. With a deciding vote provided by Niel Gorsuch, the Supreme Court made it more difficult to file certain class actions in the case of California Public Employees’ Retirement System v. ANZ Securities
  308. Following through on item #115, moved to roll back the clean water rule
  309. Failed to appoint anti-semitism envoy
  310. Made sexist comments directed at Mika Brzezinski
  311. Re-implemented the travel ban which, among other things, blocks grandparents from gaining visa
  312. Following up from item #159, began undoing a key regulation that requires employers to maintain records of workplace injuries, undermining transparency in bad labor practices
  313. Following up from item #48, began process to undo the “fiduciary standard” which requires financial advisors to act in the best interest of their clients
  314. Ended Obama era practice and began issuing “opinion letters” which employers tend to abuse as a means of knowing exactly how they can bend labor laws
  315. Prohibited allowing settlement funds be directed towards public advocacy groups
  316. Republicans held a huge fundraiser at one of Trump’s hotel
  317. Denied an all girls Afghan robotics team visas to come to the US to participate in a robotics competition
  318. At fundraising event, mused that he wished he could sue CNN
  319. Fantasized on twitter about beating up journalists
  320. Was so riddled with so many ethical problems that even one of its own ethics advisers resigned in disgust
  321. Initiated an expansive new 5 year plan to increase offshore drilling
  322. Backed Apple in lawsuit to avoid paying $14.8 billion in the EU
  323. The “Election Integrity Commission”, the commission initiated by Trump in item #237 to investigate “voter fraud” on the basis of spurious claims, pushed for data from the states that breached voter privacy laws
  324. Similar to item #320, The Trump Administration’s own ethics chief resigned in disgust at the apparent corruption of the administration
  325. When the administration halted a rule to protect students from fraud and cancel student loan debts accrued as a result of that fraud (Item #288), the Trump administration cut the public out of process, possibly violating the law and attracting lawsuits from 17 states
  326. Has sowed general confusion in the US diplomatic corps
  327. The Administration’s crackdown on leaks has created a culture of fear in federal agencies
  328. Possibly meddled in anti-trust cases for political reasons
  329. In his first meeting with Putin, turned a blind eye to Russian election meddling by accepting their denials at face value
  330. Had Ivanka Trump sit in for him at the G-20 summit
  331. Attempted to use “presidential immunity” in order to get a sexual harassment suit against Trump thrown out
  332. In another instance of plain diplomatic ineptitude, couldn’t keep the names and occupations of numerous Asian leaders straight
  333. It was revealed that during the Election, Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer who had promised “damaging information” against Hillary Clinton which he knew was connected to Russian intelligence gathered to help elect his father, very likely breaking the law and making plain Trump’s willingness to participate in foreign meddling in US elections and very likely broke the law to do so
  334. Blocked stricter enforcement of estate and gift taxes
  335. Attacked the CBO for issuing projections it didn’t like, misspelling “inaccurately” multiple times in the process
  336. Sent a directive to embassies and consulates which appeared to expand the travel ban, building on item #124
  337. Cut $213.6 million from programs that prevent teen pregnancies
  338. Began approving arctic drilling
  339. Pulled the plug on a new FBI headquarters, which is at worst a conflict of interest for Trump (Trump hotel is across the street from the FBI building, so he has a vested interest in how that land is redeveloped), and at the very least is a short sighted move that will negatively impact the functioning of the agency
  340. Posted sensitive private information of people who had criticized the administration online
  341. Halted efforts to protect the information of Americans from being snared by foreign surveillance
  342. Moved to end drug reimbursement scheme for hospitals that serve low income patients
  343. Had a pretty obvious conflict of interest when Kushner invited a small tech which his family has a stake in to the White House
  344. Closed the State Department’s War Crimes office
  345. Head of the EPA, Scott Pruitt, voiced his contempt for the EPA and desire to dismantle it
  346. Held a second, secret meeting with Putin at the G20 conference
  347. Used money designated for healthcare outreach to attack the Affordable Care Act
  348. Issued a plan targeting hundreds of Obama era regulations ranging from everything from product safety to precautions taken to prevent construction workers from being hit by cars
  349. Terminated contracts that brought healthcare assistance to local libraries, businesses, and neighborhoods in 18 cities
  350. Has been pushing out scientists from the EPA in retaliation for work on climate change
  351. The education department’s civil rights head trivialized 90% of rape cases
  352. Began investigating Robert Mueller’s team of investigators in an attempt to discredit and/or intimidate them
  353. As an indicator of just how corrupt the Trump administration is, it was revealed that Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort is now being investigated for money laundering, and was in debt to pro-Russian interests for $17 million dollars
  354. Trump declared that he has “complete power to pardon” in reaction to the unfolding Russian scandal, implying that he would pardon Trump Jr, his associates, and possibly himself were they implicated in criminal activity by the ongoing investigation into their dealings with Russia. This would not only impede the investigation, but would seriously undermine the Constitution if acted upon.
  355. Encouraged a judge to throw out a lawsuit protester’s concerning violence he himself instigated
  356. Cut off grants to local governments that do not allow notify federal immigration agents advanced notice when illegal immigrants being held in custody so that they can round them up afterwards
  357. Following up from item #40, moved to end the overtime pay rule
  358. Made overt political overtures in addresses to the boy scouts and the military, which are typically apolitical for obvious reasons. He then lied by saying that the boy scouts top leader had called him to praise him for the speech, which the boy scouts later publicly refuted.
  359. With Mike Pence providing the deciding vote, Republicans continued to push through their plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act in favor of their own healthcare bill which will deprive healthcare from millions, despite the fact that the bill is deeply unpopular and most don’t even know what was in the bill.
  360. Revealed a covert operation on twitter
  361. To highlight the generally corrupt and somewhat alarming nature of the first family’s business dealings, it was revealed that Kushner bought real estate from an oligarch cited in a money laundering case, while firms linked to his family business have used his white house connections to lure in Chinese investors
  362. Banned transgendered people from serving in the military
  363. Said that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission will no longer protect people based on sexual orientation, allowing a return of employment discrimination against gay and lesbian employees
  364. Ended a low income retirement savings plan which currently helps some 30,000 people
  365. Encouraged police brutalityPolice brutality
  366. Began the process of repealing Obama era fuel economy standards
  367. Began the process of repealing  Obama era fracking restrictions
  368. Helped his son write his misleading statement on his 2016 meeting with Russians
  369. Apparently collaborated with Fox News to propagate a spurious conspiracy theory to deflect attention away from the Russian scandal
  370. Moved to divert resources in the Civil Rights division of towards undermining affirmative action
  371. Moved to make tougher immigration vetting permanent
  372. Threatened to cut off grants to four cities if they did not violate constitutional law by kicking out immigrants
  373. Backed a plan to cut legal immigration by half
  374. Cut dozens of Native American tribes out of a land buy-back program
  375. Allowed Winchester to circumvent a federal order to end its discriminatory zoning practices
  376. Issued a 53 page report from the department of interior with plans to undermine numerous Obama era conservation policies, including undermining the Obama Administrations sage grouse conservation strategy
  377. The Trump administration’s FCC allowed the conservative Sinclair Broadcast Group to circumvent numerous media rules regarding market concentration and political content requirements
  378. Reversed the DoJ’s position in a supreme court case, backing Ohio’s voter purge
  379. Ended rule testing large vehicle operators for sleep disorders
  380. Impulsively threatened nuclear apocalypse
  381. Moved to further delay the fiduciary rule
  382. Began looking for ways to force journalists to reveal their sources
  383. A non-partisan report revealed that the Trump Administration’s actions are raising insurance premiums
  384. Abandoned Latino outreach for Obamacare sign-ups
  385. Falsely accused immigrant teens of gang ties to deport them
  386. Thanked Russia for expelling diplomats
  387. After far right groups he himself had emboldened rioted in Charlottesville, gave a luke warm response blaming “many sides”. Then, when criticized on the false equivalence, doubled down on it
  388. Sabotaged the future quality of the civil service by undermining recruiting programs
  389. In a massive breach of privacy and first amendment rights, the DOJ demanded the IP addresses of over 13 million people who had visited an anti-Trump website
  390. Ended an Obama era protection program for Central American minors
  391. Removed the white house bikeshare station
  392. Killed a plan to ban plastic bottles from national parks
  393. In addition to blocking the implementation of the Federal calorie labeling law, tried to use the existence of that labeling law to block New York’s calorie labeling law
  394. Watered down toxic chemical rules
  395. Ended a DoJ effort to crack down on predatory lenders
  396. Moved to undermine emissions standard rules for cars and light trucks, as well as heavy duty trucks
  397. Disbanded the federal advisory panel for National Climate Assessment
  398. Halted research on the public health impact of mountaintop removal coal mining
  399. Tapped out the Secret Service’s annual budget within 7 months
  400. Threatened a government shutdown if congress does not agree to fund his border wall
  401. Moved to downsize four national monuments
  402. Tried to kill a bill that would have prevented him from firing Robert Mueller
  403. Released his plan for public research priorities, indicating a withdrawal of government support for research in numerous fields such as climate change
  404. Pardoned Joe Arpaio
  405. Introduced new hurdles to people who want to transition from Visas to green cards
  406. Following up from #362, issued an executive order banning transgender people from the military
  407. Encouraged the militarization of the police by lifting restrictions on transferring military hardware to police departments
  408. In the weeks before hurricane Harvey, reversed rules to make infrastructure more resistant to natural disasters like flooding and hurricanes
  409. It was revealed Trump’s business continued to carry out shady business deals in Russia during the Presidential campaign, including emailing Putin about a project in Moscow
  410. Refused to turn over documents in an investigation into Scott Pruitt’s conflicts of interest
  411. It was revealed Trump’s hotel in Washington has generally been profiting off his status as President
  412. Prevented Mexico from providing hurricane relief
  413. Removed a report on sexual violence from the White House website
  414. Slashed Obamacare outreach funding again, this time by 90%
  415. After numerous historically black colleges cancelled their plans to attend an annual conference at the White House, the Trump administration downsized the conference
  416. Ended an Obama era policy to reduce pay discrimination
  417. Brashly threatened to end trade with anyone who trades with North Korea
  418. Ended the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which protects more than 800,000 immigrants who have lived productively in the United States since they were children from deportation
  419. Issued a strange warning to Sweden over its support for a UN treaty banning nuclear weapons
  420. Moved to overhaul how colleges investigate sexual assault
  421. Filed papers with the Supreme Court backing a baker who broke Colorado’s anti-discrimination laws by discriminating against gay couples
  422. Degraded the regulatory system by implementing an unworkable blanket straight jacket on the regulatory costs of Federal Agencies
  423. Ended an Obama era plan to strengthen houses in flood zones
  424. Halted pollution controls at Utah coal plants
  425. Conducted warantless cell phone searches at the border
  426. Appointed one woman for US attorney out of a total of 42, a horribly lopsided figure generally suggesting discrimination
  427. Blocked the Senate from interviewing FBI agents over the firing of James Comey
  428. Punished countries who refuse to cooperate with his deportation plans
  429. Refused to make public documents to provide the legal basis for the strike in Syria
  430. Launched a crackdown against leakers
  431. Moved to lift ban on oil assessments in wildlife refuges
  432. Used the London terrorist attack as pretext to have a tirade about his travel ban
  433. Once again attempted to repeal Obamacare
  434. Moved to ease rules on the export of US guns
  435. Rejected a government study that showed the positive impact of refugees
  436. Spent his travel budget recklessly, with administration staff spending money on charter flights which were obviously not necessary
  437. Doubled the denial rate for the DACA program
  438. Gave political appointments to inept individuals with no meaningful experience apparently because they had worked on his campaign
  439. Praised Turkey’s increasingly autocratic President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
  440. Used campaign funds to pay his legal fees
  441. Cited a fictitious country numerous times in his speech to the UN
  442. Expanded the travel ban and made it permanent
  443. Made it more difficult to track the number of drug arrests
  444. Picked an asinine fight with football players protesting during the national anthem
  445. Neglected the devastation in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of hurricane Maria
  446. Once again stalled a key worker safety regulation on silica dust
  447. Dramatically scaled back admissions of refugees
  448. It was revealed Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump used her personal email for government work
  449. Unveiled a budget that basically no one wants which cuts taxes for corporations and the rich and horribly undermines government funding
  450. Argued, in court, that employers can fire people for being gay
  451. Tom Price used a military jet for his travels, at a staggering cost of $500k to tax payers
  452. Demanded facebook give them with personal info on anti-Trump activists
  453. Refused to acknowledge the role of climate change in forest fires, and instead tried to blame “radical environmentalists”
  454. Dropped out of Obamacare events in Mississippi, sabotaging months of work and creating addition obstacles for people trying to obtain health insurance
  455. After seeming to endorse legislating a path to citizenship for Dreamers, immediately backpedaled
  456. Backed a 20 week abortion ban
  457. Reversed a detente with Cuba by expelling Cuban diplomats and recalling several American diplomats from Cuba
  458. Complained that disaster relief for Puerto Rico was throwing his budget out of whackpaper towels
  459. Made a vague promise to cancel Puerto Rico’s debt, then immediately backpedaled on it
  460. Was called a “moron” by his secretary of state, as bickering within the cabinet reached a boiling point
  461. Reversed decades worth of policy on nepotism to appoint family members to cabinet, as indicated by memos released from the Department of Justice
  462. Moved to end rule mitigating methane emissions
  463. Removed Title VII protections for transgendered employees
  464. Similar to #451, Steve Mnuchin wasted 800k of tax payer money flying on military planes
  465. Rushed to pack courts with anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ judges
  466. Decided to terminate the clean power plan, which was designed to reduce carbon emissions to 32% below 2005 levels by 2030
  467. Issued hardline anti-immigration principles, threatening a deal on DACA legislation
  468. Rolled back a mandate for health insurance to cover birth control
  469. Took steps to delay the Portland Harbor superfund cleanup
  470. The Office of Government Ethics chastised the administration and its officials for their misbehavior and general corrosive influence on government ethics.
  471. Threatened to shut down NBC and other outlets critical of the administration
  472. Called for a ten fold increase in nuclear arsenals
  473. Signed an executive order which threatens to degrade health insurance coverage for millions and raise premiums for older, sicker Americans
  474. Threatened to yank FEMA responders and aid from Puerto Rico
  475. Ended health insurance subsidies for low income people that help pay out of pockets costs for millions. This not only threatens the physical and economic well being of the people who receive those subsidies, but also threatens to unravel health insurance markets
  476. Ignored the October 1 deadline for Russian sanctions
  477. It was revealed that the Department of Justice under Jeff Sessions has systematically worked to deny due process to immigrants
  478. Decertified the Iran Deal, making it more likely that the whole deal will collapse
  479. Complained about the fact that the military and relief workers need to distribute food and water to Puerto Rico, as though they want to be without potable water
  480. Falsely claimed that Obama never called the families of fallen soldiers
  481. Shortly after #480, made an insensitive phone call to a grieving army widow where he told her “[he] must’ve known what he was signing up for”
  482. Became the first President to speak at the “Values Voter Summit”, which has been described as an anti-LGBT hate group
  483. Withdrew the Farmer Fair Practice Rule, which would have made it easier for small farmers to sue companies who discriminate or deceive them
  484. Prevented immigrants held in refugee centers and other federal facilities from receiving abortions
  485. It was revealed that Trump promised to pay $25,000 to the father of a fallen veteran, then never did
  486. Jeff Sessions stonewalled the Senate investigation into the firing of James Comey using a dubious pretext of executive privilege
  487. Advanced a bizarre conspiracy theory that Russia is paid Democrats and the FBI to try to take him down with the Russian Dossier
  488. In response to criticism over #481, John Kelly said Trump’s critics should “shut up” because they hadn’t be in the military
  489. It was revealed that during the 2016 campaign Pence’s chief of staff, Nick Ayers, was classified by the campaign as an unpaid volunteer, however at the same time he was paid as an aide to the Pence campaign, which could qualify as an illegal in-kind contribution
  490. Barred three climate science from giving talks on climate change
  491. Let funding for CHIP’s lapse and did nothing to resolve the issue
  492. Moved to auction off vast swathes of the Gulf of Mexico to oil companies
  493. Sided with Wall Street against a rule that would prevent financial institutions from using the fine print in contracts to shield themselves from class action lawsuits and force consumers into mandatory arbitration, providing the tie breaking vote in the Senate to repeal the rule.
  494. After shutting down the US refugee program for a 120 day review, implemented strict new vetting and screening procedures on refugees and continued review of 11 countries
  495. Betsy Devos and the Department of Education rescinded 72 policy documents that outline the rights of students with disabilities
  496. Passed a budget plan that slashes $5 trillion from programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and other social spending measures over the next 10 years
  497. After delaying several months, finally declared the opioid epidemic a public health crisis but failed to offer substantial resources to address the problem
  498. Undermined local news and enabled the consolidation of media under conglomerates like conservative media conglomerate Sinclair media by revoking the “main studio rule”
  499. The Bureau of Land Management rescinded a rule requiring officials the consider climate change impact of energy projects, following up from #134
  500. Opened up to 10 million acres of Alaskan wilderness to oil and gas drilling
  501. It was revealed that Trump’s Interior Secretary had personal connections to the contractor Whitefish, which had recently been the subject of a scandal when it was awarded a contract to rebuild Puerto Rico’s electrical grid despite having no experience in the work, strongly implying some involvement of the Administration in facilitating the corrupt deal
  502. In the clearest indication yet of collusion with Russia in the 2016 election, Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort, along with foreign policy adviser  George Papadopoulos and business associate Rick Gates were arrested and charged with conspiracy against the United States and money laundering, among other things. Papadopoulos immediately plead guilty to charges that he had lied to the FBI
  503. Moved to roll back Obama era tax rules that cracked down on tax avoidance schemes
  504. Ended a rule that had intended to phase in technology that would enable cars to “talk” to each other to avoid auto accidents
  505. Called for ending the diversity visa lottery, which is the only means for people from some regions to immigrate to the US
  506. Enacted a rule barring scientists who receive EPA funding from serving on advisory committees, removing several climate scientists from their positions and replacing them with industry-backed researchers in their place
  507. Former Trump campaign adviser, Carter Page, refused to hand over his documents in the probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election
  508. Set out to deport 300,000 refugees
  509. Locked up US Citizens without charges
  510. Moved to eliminate student loan interest rate tax deductions
  511. It was revealed that, during the meeting raised in #333, Trump Jr. had pushed a quid pro quo deal with Kremlin linked lawyers
  512. Following up from #328, pushed AT&T/Time Warner to drop CNN in exchange for approving their merger
  513. Following a trend started from at least #32, has horribly mismanaged the State department and caused severe shortages in senior diplomatic staff. By recently released estimates, there’s been a 60% drop in the number of career ambassadors, and a 42% drop in career ministers.
  514. Placed new restrictions on travel and trade with Cuba
  515. Former Trump adviser, Carl Icahn, came under investigation for abusing his position to benefit his own company, as noted in #116
  516. After it was revealed that Commerce Secretary had numerous shady dealings in Russia in the Paradise Papers, it was later revealed that he not only continues to hold a considerable stake in shipping Russian oil, he has been actively expanded that stake since taking office
  517. Delayed a rule to ensure the welfare of organic livestock
  518. Nixed an Obama era effort to clarify the roles of agencies in overseeing biotech products aimed at simplifying the regulatory system and strengthen consumer productions
  519. Revived efforts to implement work requirements to Medicaid
  520. Chose to starve poor people by pulling the US out of a program which helped fund agricultural improvements in poor countries
  521. Undermined consumer protections on the healthcare marketplace by de-funding non-profit organizations which previously helped people find suitable insurance and instead guided shoppers to agents paid by insurance companies
  522. Denied Russian election meddling
  523. Rejected 4,000 DACA renewals as late even though many had, in fact, been mailed in on time but had been left sitting in the white house mail box
  524. Congressional Republicans unveiled a new version of their tax plan which pays for their massive corporate tax cuts by cutting health care spending and putting in provisions allowing individual tax cuts to expire, raising middle class tax rates overall.
  525. These cuts in #524 were done specifically so that the bill could be technically deemed revenue neutral after ten years, allowing Republicans to circumvent the “Byrd Rule” invoke reconciliation, setting an awful precedent for any future budge revenue bills
  526. Lifted the ban on importing hunted elephant heads
  527. The House passed its version of the tax bill
  528. It was revealed Trump Jr. had maintained contact with Wikileaks during the 2016 election, likely a criminal violation of campaign finance laws
  529. Moved to end visas of roughly 130,000 spouses and children of H-4 visas
  530. Following a trend from #377 and #498, ended a rule that would have prevented media companies from owning both the television and newspapers in a given market, paving the way for further media consolidation
  531. Following up from #57, the FCC voted to kick people off their low income broadband plans by scaling back the Lifeline program dramatically
  532. Following up from #231, ordered mass deportation of 59,000 Haitians living in the United States
  533. Following up from #295, began process to fully repeal the visa program for immigrants coming to the US to start businesses
  534. Following up from #246, moved to permanently dismantle Obama era Neutrality Rules
  535. Overruled a recommendation by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Committee that found New Jersey had exceeded its harvest limits on flounders. This is not only promotes over fishing, it also undermines the authority of a well established institution that had been helping states on the Atlantic coast coordinate their resource use for 75 years.
  536. Illegally installed Mick Mulvaney as the director of the CFPB
  537. Backed Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, a confirmed pedophile who was removed from the Alabama Supreme Court multiple times
  538. Voted against a UN resolution condemning Nazism
  539. Made a racial slur at an event honoring Navajo code talkers
  540. After illegally appointing Mick Mulvaney to run the CFPB, he paralyzed the agency by freezing hiring and halting rule making
  541. Moved ahead with approving arctic oil exploration
  542. Delayed the implementation of the Waters of the United States Rule, a rule aimed at protecting wetlands, while also accelerating process to repeal the law by shortening the customary period for public comment on the regulation from the customary 30 days to 21 instead
  543. Re-tweeted islamophobic propaganda from a far right British party
  544. Undermined the SEC by changing its stance in court by saying the SEC’s in-house judges are unconstitutional. In-house judges with the SEC have a higher level of expertise regarding securities litigation, and tend to be more stringent in their rulings.
  545. Moved to reverse several truck safety rules
  546. It was revealed that Trump has been pressuring Senate Republicans to end the investigation into Russian interference into the election for months
  547. Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, plead guilty to charges that he had lied to the FBI about his communications with Russia. It was reported that, as part of this plea, Flynn will testify that Trump had directed him to contact Russia. Later
  548. Following up from #524, the senate passed it’s version of the tax bill, sending it into reconciliation and virtually assuring passage. Among other things, the tax bill dramatically cuts taxes for the wealthy, slashes healthcare and social spending, raising taxes on the poor and middle class in the long term, and explodes the deficit
  549. Failed to disclose the internal documents that informed the administration’s decision to end the DACA program, then after ordered to release the documents by a federal court took the fight to the supreme court
  550. Froze worker friendly labor laws implemented during the Obama Administration
  551. Trump’s lawyer argued that Trump could not be prosecuted for obstruction of justice because he is above the law
  552. Emails released by the New York Times seemed to heavily imply that the Trump campaign had indeed known of his Russian contacts at the time, and then shortly after Trump made a tweet that he had known about his contacts at the time he fired him. This would have constituted obstruction of justice.
  553. Reversed the ban cluster bombs, which are haphazard, cause a lot of collateral damage, and leave unexploded ordinance on battle fields where they can injure civilians years after they are dropped
  554. Ended a rule that protected restaurant workers from being forced to pool their tips
  555. Slashed the size of the Bears Ear and Grand Staircase National Monuments by 85% and 55% respectively
  556. Following up from #8, announced that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and moved the US embassy there, threatening to inflame the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  557. Put business trade interests ahead of public health by transferring the Codex Office, which takes part in setting international food safety standards, out from a food safety agency with a strong expertise in public health and into a trade office with no particular expertise on the issues
  558. Attempted to cut $460 million from VA programs that help homeless veterans, a move that was so unpopular that they were almost immediately forced to reverse
  559. Scrapped a rule requiring airlines to disclose baggage fees
  560. Failed to enforce smog rules, garnering a lawsuit from 14 states
  561. It was reported that the Administration has slowed actions against polluters and put limits on enforcement officers at the EPA
  562. Delayed and effectively preempted regulations aimed at controlling methane leaks
  563. Requested an emergency stay on a court decision requiring the department of defense to begin accepting transgender recruits by Jan 1, 2018
  564. Moved to open the door to oil drilling of the East Coast
  565. Made sexually suggestive tweets about Kirsten Gillibrand
  566. Improperly withheld $91 million in funding from advanced energy research
  567. Repealed net neutrality, paving the way for  the enclosure of the digital commons ensuring skyrocketing internet bills for consumers and unfair competition
  568. Made it harder for fast food workers and others who work in franchises to fight against big chains by making it harder to classify them as joint employers
  569. Banned the CDC from using several words and phrases, including “transgender” and “diversity”
  570. Killed rules to prevent animal cruelty in organic egg farming
  571. Broke the law by failing to provide student debt relief to people defrauded by the for profit Corinthian College
  572. It was revealed that the Trump administration had played with the idea of creating a global, private spy network to circumvent the US intelligence agencies.
  573. Tightened restrictions on the visa waiver program
  574. Took down the White House’s site for petitions
  575. After considerable reworking that made the bill even worse, Republicans passed their tax bill which, among other things, slashes corporate tax rates and severely undermines the budget
  576. As part of the tax bill, seriously undermined Obamacare by repealing the individual mandate, paving the way for an insurance death spiral that will ultimately drive people out of the insurance market and drive up premiums
  577. Delayed a ban on toxic solvents that cause cancer and neuro-developmental issues
  578. Halted an independent study of offshore oil inspections
  579. Pushed for a rule change that would allow employers to pocket employee tips
  580. Ended a rule to crack down on discriminatory practices in the housing market wherein the CFPB collects demographic data on borrowers in order to determine whether or not lenders are discriminating
  581. Officially withdrew the rule cited in #408 intended to make infrastructure more resistant to flood and severe storms. This action had previously been halted after Hurricane Harvey when it became obvious that poor infrastructure had made flooding considerably worse, however they are now once again ending the rule
  582. Reversed an Obama era decision not to renew the license of a copper and nickle mine that could cause serious and irreparable harm to a nearby nature preserve
  583. Considered a series of harsh measures to curb immigration, including separating children from their parents
  584. Reduced fines on nursing homes
  585. Refused to implement CIA plans aimed at countering phony Russian websites spreading propoganda in the US
  586. Made it more difficult for workers to form unions by reversing an Obama era rule that had allowed for the formation of “micro-unions”
  587. Lifted a ban on developing more lethal strains of viruses
  588. Reversed an Obama era rule by deciding not to prosecute companies that accidentally kill migratory birds
  589. Fired all the members of the HIV/AIDS advisory council
  590. Moved to weaken offshore safety rules implemented after the Deepwater Horizon disaster
  591. Refused to fund the Federal Government’s share of a $13bn rail tunnel between New York and New Jersey, a badly needed piece of transportation infrastructure
  592. Sabotaged the census by adding a question regarding citizenship status which, in addition to causing numerous difficulties due to the late stage at which the question was added, also threatened to drive down participation, which would make getting an accurate count both more difficult and more expensive
  593. It was revealed by former Trump aide Steve Bannon that Donald Trump knew about Donald Trump Jr.’s meetings with Russians and almost certainly met with them himself at one point. Bannon also said that Trump’s campaign staff knew that the activities were treasonous at the time and wanted to go ahead with the meeting anyways.
  594. Threatened nuclear war with North Korea over twitter
  595. Following up from #142, moved to expand the number of job categories under which people receiving unemployment benefits can be required to undergo drug testing
  596. Reversed an Obama era policy that had allowed states such as California to legalize marijuana, threatening thousands of businesses in the fledgling industry
  597. Following up from #321, moved ahead with an expansive 5 year plan that will dramatically increase the area of offshore drilling in US coastal waters
  598. It was revealed that Trump’s lawyers had strongly urged Jeff Sessions not to recuse himself in the Russian investigation despite the obvious conflict of interest in play
  599. Stripped 262,000 Salvadoran living in the US of their legal status, forcing them to leave the US by 2019
  600. Following up from #314, retroactively issued 17 Bush “opinion letters” enabling employers to skirt labor laws
  601. Discontinued a database used to inform programs which help people with mental health illnesses and substance abuse problems
  602. Created numerous administrative problems by rushing the implementation of the tax bill passed in #575
  603. It was reported the administration has been engaging in a systemic campaign to censor information on climate change on government websites
  604. Initiated roughly 100 raids on 7-Elevens as part of massive deportation drive
  605. Opened the way for states to impose work requirements on people receiving MedicaidAnd the rockets blah blah dah dah dah dah dah
  606. Arrested prominent immigration rights activist, Ravi Ragbir
  607. Declared that the US does not want immigrants from “shithole” countries
  608. Struck the Canada Lynx from the endangered species list, despite a 2016 assessment that concluded the species would die out without federal protection
  609. Loosened rules on internships, making it easier for employers to avoid compensating interns
  610. Refused to help transgendered teenagers in their discrimination suit
  611. Skewed terror data to offer false credence to his anti-Muslim travel ban
  612. Appealed a ruling that would have blocked the Trump Administration’s move to end DACA
  613. Cut $65mn in aid to Palestinian refugees
  614. Pressed for the development of “usable” nuclear weapons
  615. Introduced a rule to shield healthcare workers who refuse to provide patients with healthcare services due to “moral objections”
  616. Barred Haitians from visas for low-skilled work
  617. Opened up the Arctic Natural Wildlife Reserve for drill as part of the tax bill
  618. It was reported that the number of uninsured people increased by 3 million last year as a result of the Administration’s efforts to repeal the ACA
  619. Mick Mulvaney requested $0 to fund the CFPB in the latest effort to undermine the financial watchdog
  620. Rescinded guidance from the Obama Administration which prevented states from de-funding planned parenthood
  621. After setting the stage for a shutdown by letting DACA expire and sabotaging budget negotiations with demands for hardline immigration policies and ill timed tweets, shutdown the US government. This shutdown not only disrupts many services and programs people rely on, it also wastes billions of dollars and hurts the economy
  622. Moved to gut $340mn from drug prevention programs
  623. Slapped a 30% tariff on imported solar panels, hurting solar panel installers and threatening to set off a trade war with China
  624. Opened several probes into Robert Mueller’s investigation in an attempt to derail it
  625. Threatened sanctuary city governments over the release of documents to immigration agents
  626. Opted out of a test which would determine if school children can identify fake news stories
  627. Pushed for more more work requirements on people receiving food stamps
  628. Reportedly asked FBI Director Andrew McCabe who he voted for, allegedly after fuming about McCabe’s previous political connections with the Democratic Party
  629. Moved to cut funding for the International Space Station
  630. Reportedly threatened to fire Robert Mueller in June 2017, and only backed off because the White House counsel Don McGahn refused to go along with it
  631. Canceled a detailed study into the environmental effects of toxic metals leeching into rivers and streams, in part due to his decision to reverse the mining ban referenced in #582
  632. Reversed a decades old policy under the Clean Air Act aimed at maintaining stricter pollution emissions standards on large scale producers
  633. Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe stepped down after a months long smear campaign by the Trump Administration, Congressional Republicans, and right wing media outlets
  634. Refused to implement Congressionally mandated sanctions on Russia for their meddling in the 2016 election
  635. Toughened admissions requirements for refugees from 11 countries
  636. Similar to #628, asked if Deputy Attorney General Rosenthal was “on his team” on the Russia investigation
  637. Stripped the CFPB of its enforcement powers in lending discrimination cases
  638. Threatened to scrap a conservation agreement with the state of California protecting 10.8 million acres of desert from environmentally harmful activities
  639. Moved to ask Congress for a 72% cut in funding for clean energy research
  640. Attempted to undermine the investigation into possible collaboration within the Trump campaign with Russian attempts to influence the 2016 election by releasing the Nunes memo alleging bias in the FBI as the primary driver for the investigation
  641. Halted the CFPB probe into Equifax after it failed to protect the personal data of 145 million Americans
  642. Accused Democrats of treason for not clapping for him hard enough at the State of the Union
  643. Weakened rules that ensured that healthcare plans have a sufficient number of doctors
  644. Gained an audit for the rule change in #579 which had allowed employers to pocket their employee’s tips
  645. Despite knowing of staff secretary Rob Porter’s history of domestic violence did nothing to address the issue, and instead praised Porter and urged him not to resign
  646. Moved to make it harder for immigrants using public health benefits to gain citizenship
  647. Moved to roll back environmental reviews of public land use
  648. Similar to #644, it was revealed that Trump’s speechwriter had a history of domestic abuse
  649. After releasing the memo alleging bias in the Russia probe in #640, refused to release a memo rebutting the claim
  650. Moved to severely restrict the type of food SNAP recipients can buy
  651. Proposed privatizing US space stations
  652. Proposed his FY2019 budget, which adds an estimated $7 trillion dollars to the national debt and would also slash social spending, including cutting $236bn from Medicare over the next 10 years, and a 21% cut to the Department of Health and Human Services, among other things
  653. As part of his budget, moved to slash the US diplomatic aid by 29%
  654. As part of his budget, cut funding for Amtrak in half, despite numerous crashes recently which suggest that Amtrak badly needs investments
  655. Proposed his infrastructure plan, a series of corporate tax giveaways which encouraged the use of toll roads and other profiteering off transportation infrastructure by offloaded a greater share of the burden for infrastructure investments onto state and local government
  656. As part of his infrastructure plan, moved to sell off Washington Dulles and Reagan International Airports
  657. Was caught lying multiple times about what the administration knew about aid Rob Porter’s domestic abuse, most notably being directly contradicted by FBI director Christopher Wray
  658. Similar to #436 and #451, it was revealed that VA Secretary David Shulkin squandered tax payer money on extravagant travel expenses to Europe
  659. Nixed bipartisan immigration plans that would have saved the DACA
  660. Moved to eliminate a program that provides heating assistance to low income households
  661. Delayed the “prepaid card” rule which protects consumers from fraud and abuse by requiring companies disclose information on draft limits
  662. Proposed new regulations to allow healthcare plans that don’t include key benefits which are unavailable to people in poor health
  663. Kept immigrant children locked up without cause
  664. Responded to a Parkland school shooting by suggesting that the guns should be brought into schools
  665. Turned away 100 Iranian Christians seeking asylum in the United States
  666. Moved to slash funding  for earthquake early warning programs
  667. Donald Trump Jr. engaged in staggering corruption on his trip to India
  668. Following up from #567, published a final rule ending net neutrality with the FCC setting an effective date for repeal in April 2018
  669. Limited access to H-1B visas for high skilled workers
  670. Following up from #556, accelerated plans to open a US embassy in Jerusalem
  671. Shielded student loan debt collectors from state regulations
  672. It was revealed that Ben Carson had spent $31,000 on a dining room set in an extravagant effort to decorate his office
  673. Partly as a result of #672, demoted an official who refused to break the law by exceeding the legal limit to decorate Ben Carson’s office
  674. With Niel Gorsuch providing the deciding vote, the Supreme Court ruled that immigrants can be detained indefinitely
  675. It was revealed that Jared Kushner, due to his business holdings and inexperience, was a target for explicit manipulation by foreign governments
  676. Moved to dissolve the EPA office that tests the effects of exposure to chemicals on adults and children
  677. A report revealed that the administration has hired a staggering number of lawyers hailing from industries they are expected to regulate
  678. As a result of the administration’s persistent tendency to flub administrative procedures large numbers of staffers lost their in security clearance, potentially seriously hampering government operations
  679. Moved to impose a 10% tariff on aluminum and a 25% tariff on steel, threatening to set off a huge trade war and receiving near universal condemnation from economists and industry experts
  680. Complimented Chinese President Xi Jinping on his moved to make himself President for life and said we might want to try it in the US
  681. Expedited plans to shrink the Grand Staircase National Monument
  682. Backed out of a previous commitment by refusing to ban elephant trophies
  683. Kellyanne Conway violated the Hatch Act by participating in a series of interviews with Fox News
  684. Removed anti-discriminatory language from the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s mission statement
  685. Profiteered off his reelection campaign by using donor money to pay exorbitant rental fees for office space he owns
  686. Sued California over its efforts to protect immigrants
  687. Ended funding for a Baltimore teen pregnancy program two years early with no explanation why, earning a lawsuit from the city
  688. Delayed implementation of methane emissions rule for two years
  689. Reversed a series of moves to reduce discrimination in schools, de-emphasizing diversity as a consideration in funding,  delaying a rule aimed at stopping discriminatory standards in special education, and eliminating “systemic” investigations into discrimination
  690. Following up from #644, moved to help states training teachers with firearms
  691. Pushed to for the death penalty as a draconian punishment for drug dealers
  692. Trump’s personal assistant, John McEntee, lost his security clearance, most likely because he is under investigation for financial crimes related to Trump
  693. With Rex Tillerson removed from his post, a broad array of experts can now conclude he was one of the worst secretaries of state in US history
  694. Under administration direction, ICE officials released a flagrantly inaccurate misleading reports which led one spokesman in San Francisco to resign in disgust
  695. Used the Parkland shooting as a pretext to re-introduce discriminatory school disciplinary actions
  696. Broke federal laws by failing to identify all the parts of the US that fail to air quality standards for smog
  697. Pushed to include measures defunding sanctuary cities into spending measures, increasing the likelihood of another government shutdown
  698. Ryan Zinke responded to a plea that the US not forget Japanese Internment Camps with “konnichiwa”
  699. Lied by claiming the US has a trade deficit with Canada
  700. Sued for failing to protect humpback whales
  701. After dismissing Tillerson, had his daughter Ivanka handle foreign policy in what’s been called “blatant nepotism”
  702. Fired Andrew McCabe, likely in retaliation for his role in the Russian probe
  703. Did nothing in response to the Austin serial bomber
  704. It was revealed that a Trump linked analytics firm, Cambridge Analytica, stole the information of more than 50 million facebook users in their efforts to get Trump elected
  705. Rolled back compensation and benefits for civil servants
  706. Tried to sell 77 million acres of the gulf of Mexico for off shore drilling
  707. Slapped $50bn tariff on Chinese goods, likely setting off a trade war and sending markets into a tailspin
  708. Sold $1bn in arms to Saudi Arabia, enabling it’s brutal campaign in Yemen
  709. Appointed warmonger John Bolton as National Security Advisor
  710. Issued a new memorandum banning transgendered people from the military
  711. Sued for withdrawing animal welfare rules
  712. Backed Uber and the Chamber of Commerce in its efforts to break up Uber driver unions
  713. Sued for its failure to protect the Vaquita Porpoise
  714. Following up from #592, sued by California for adding a question on citizenship to the census
  715. Sued for violating the emoluments clause of the constitution
  716. Ended the practice of automatically releasing pregnant women from immigration detention
  717. Ended practice allowing long term reprieves from deportation
  718. Scott Pruitt’s EPA issued talking points to its employees for downplaying climate change
  719. Threatened to have an arms race with Russia
  720. It was revealed that Scott Pruitt rented a condo for 6 months in 2017 owned by a Healthcare lobbyist for under market rates, raising serious ethics concerns
  721. Froze $200mn dollars earmarked for recovery efforts in Syria, including rebuilding the countries severely damaged infrastructure
  722. Axed Obama era fuel efficiency standards and moved to end a waiver that would allow California to set its own standards
  723. Set quotas for immigration judges in an attempt to speed up deportations
  724. Sued California over a law aiming to limit a Federal land transfer
  725. Dispatched the military to the US border
  726. Ramped up trade war with $50 billion tariffs on Chinese products
  727. Following up from #708, sold 1.3bn in artillary pieces to Saudi Arabia
  728. Trump claimed, without evidence, that “millions and millions of people” in California vote fraudulently.
  729. The White House is considering a proposal that could strip protections from hundreds of threatened species, to the benefit of oil and agriculture companies.
  730. Scott Pruitt used an obscure provision in the Safe Drinking Water Act to give substantial pay raises to two of his closest aides after the White House’s Presidential Personnel Office’s rejected his request for those raises.
  731. Trump called the FBI and Justice Department “an embarrassment to our country!” in a tweet.
  732. Following up from #708 and #727, further escalated the trade war with China by pushing trade officials to identify $100bn worth of Chinese products to place tariffs on
  733. Scrubbed all reference to man made climate change in a report on rising sea levels
  734. Systematically snubbed urban areas seeking TIGER grants
  735. Weakened health insurance protections by allowing states to weaken rules on what insurers must cover
  736. As a consequence of his tax cuts and other measures, drastically increased the budget deficit. It’s estimated that in 2018 alone Trump’s actions increased the deficit by an estimated $139bn
  737. Trump attorney, Michael Cohen, was arrested for bank fraud as Robert Mueller’s investigation continues to bring down officials close to Trump for potential collusion with Russia and illicit business dealings
  738. Signed an executive order pushing work requirements for social programs
  739. Used flimsy pretexts to justify Scott Pruitt’s extravagant security details, such as people being critical of him on social media
  740. Sued by the ACLU for detaining undocumented immigrants attempting to follow a legal path to citizenship
  741. Cut legal orientation programs for immigrants
  742. Considered requiring mandatory drug testing for some food stamp recipients
  743. Following up from #588, issued an opinion instructing agents at the department of interior not to penalize companies that kill migratory birds
  744. Pardoned former Cheney aide Scooter Libby
  745. Launched airstrikes against Syria without congressional approval, flirting with another foreign intervention with no clear objective or meaningful path to success
  746. Demanded James Comey prove the “pee tape” wasn’t real
  747. A non-partisan report found that Trump’s decision to allow short duration health insurance plans in #473 will likely increase premiums by nearly 13% reduce enrollment by more than 25%
  748. Scott Pruitt broke the law when he built a $43,000 phone booth in his office
  749. Blocked sanctions on Russia
  750. Moved to make it more difficult for domestic abuse victims to seek asylum in the US
  751. Congressional Republicans passed, and Trump is expected to sign, legislation killing a measure aimed at preventing discrimination in auto lending
  752. Lowered the age limit on juvenile visas from 21 to 18, shutting out thousands
  753. Following up from #500, began the scoping process to open the Alaskan National Wildlife Reserve to drilling
  754. Moved to vastly expand the sale of armed drones
  755. Following up from #738, denied Native American tribal governments legal standing in subjecting native Americans to to Medicaid work requirements
  756. Edited the State Department’s annual human rights report to omit references to issues such as women’s access to abortions and Palestine
  757. Moved to roll  back an Obama era rule preventing doctors and hospitals from discriminating against transgender people
  758. Dropped prosecution against payday lenders that scammed consumers out of millions of dollars
  759. Canceled the residency permits of 9,000 Nepali immigrants
  760. Scaled back Directive 307, an Obama era policy which expand the Department of Labor’s ability to investigate pay discrimination by federal contractors
  761. Falsely claimed North Korea had denuclearized
  762. Proposed slashing housing subsidies, tripling the amount poor families must pay
  763. Medical staffers reported feeling pressured to give out prescription drugs to Trump’s staffers
  764. Trump’s EPA determined wood burning plants are carbon neutral
  765. Moved to roll back the Well Control Rule, aimed at preventing disastrous offshore drilling spills like the Deep Water Horizon spill
  766. Removed language on Freedom of the Press from Department of Justice guidebooks
  767. Raided his doctor’s private practice to seize his medical records and dictated his own medical evaluations as a candidate
  768. Sued by 17 states over his decision to invalidate emissions standards through 2025
  769. Dramatically increased the civilian death toll in drone strikes
  770. It was found Trump’s policy had been a driving factor in 4 million people losing healthcare in the last two years
  771. Seriously considered militarizing space
  772. Was caught lying about whether he had reimbursed Michael Cohen for his payoff to Stormy Daniels
  773. Threatened to block the release of Department of Justice records in the Russian probe
  774. Sued by 6 states over his decision to end DACA
  775. Moved to expel up to 57,000 Hondurans living in the US
  776. Watchdog, CREW, noted that Jared Kushner has revised his financial disclosures so many times that he should have been fired by this point, and hasn’t because of his family ties to Trump
  777. Suggested there may have been more women who received hush money from Trump
  778. Stepped up the separation of immigrant families at the border
  779. Violated the Iran nuclear deal, making conflict and nuclear proliferation in the middle east more likely while alienating US allies
  780. Following up from #779, ordered Boeing to cut off a deal with Iran worth billions of dollars
  781. Move to rollback various legal protections against housing discrimination
  782. It was revealed that Michael Cohen sold access to Trump
  783. Following up from #751, House Republicans voted to kill auto lending guidelines preventing discrimination
  784. Cancelled NASA research verifying greenhouse gas cuts
  785. Rolled back protections for transgender inmates
  786. Unfairly targeted members of an immigrant caravan for prosecution
  787. After dozens of Palestinian were killed by Israeli security forces in protests incited by Trump’s decision to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, the White House exclusively blamed Palestinians
  788. Following up from #778 considered holding immigrant children on military bases
  789. Hid report on toxic chemicals that contaminated drinking water in Rensselaer County
  790. After it was revealed that Trump’s staff joked about McCain dying, tried to use the scandal to crack down on leakers
  791. Further sabotaged and chance of salvaging the Iran Nuclear deal by ordering sanctions on Iran
  792. Increasingly targeted non-criminal immigrants in his deportation drive to the point that 2/3rds of deportees had no criminal recordMeanwhile
  793. Tuned out public comments on its review of the Bears Ear National Monument
  794. After China poured $500 mn into a Trump Organization project Trump lifted sanctions on the Chinese Telecom ZTE, a deal which was promptly shut down by a House Panel over concerns that they the firm would steal and misuse consumer data
  795. Called immigrants as “animals”
  796. Personally pushed the postmaster general to raise rates on Amazon and other firms as part of his general practice of trying to punish businesses he personally doesn’t like
  797. Welcomed his own wife home from the hospital by misspelling her name
  798. Did not know the difference between HPV and HIV
  799. During the 2016 elections met with Saudi and UAE emissaries promising to help in the election
  800. With Neil Gorsuch providing the deciding vote, the Supreme Court ruled employers can force employees to sign class action waivers in arbitration agreements
  801. Pushed a conspiracy theory that the FBI infiltrated his campaign and ordered the Department of Justice investigate
  802. Kicked CNN and AP out of EPA summit
  803. Botched a planned summit with North Korea
  804. Signed the biggest rollback of financial regulations since the financial crisis, leaving the economy increasingly vulnerable to a repeat
  805. Sued by conservation groups over migratory bird policy
  806. Donald Trump Jr. lied to the Senate Judiciary committee by saying he was “unaware” of any other foreign governments attempting to collude with the campaign to influence the election, which appears increasingly unlikely due to #799
  807. Issued multiple executive orders curtailing the worker rights of federal employees and unions
  808. Lost track of 1,500 immigrant children
  809. Announced they were going forward with $50bn in new tariffs on China, reigniting prospects of a trade war
  810. It was estimated that 4,600 people have died in Puerto Rico largely as a result of the administration’s failure to handle the devastation of Hurricane Maria cited in #445
  811. Scott Pruitt spent $3.5mn on security in his first year, more than 110% more than his predecessor
  812. Tightened restrictions on visas for Chinese students
  813. Scaled back the Volker rule, allowing investment banks to make more dangerous bets with their client’s money
  814. Pardoned Dinesh D’Souza, who had previously plead guilty to campaign finance fraud
  815. Imposed new tariffs on steel and aluminium imports from Canada and the EU, escalating the trade war
  816. Pushed the EPA to collaborate with climate change deniers
  817. Threatened the Russian probe not to subpoena Trump
  818. Went ahead with bid to increase gun exports
  819. Claimed unfettered power to interfere in investigations and even pardon himself
  820. It was revealed Paul Manafort had attempted to get witnesses to lie for him court
  821. Withdrew 23 labor rules under development
  822. Hijacked a meeting about disaster preparedness to avoid talking about the deaths from hurricane Maria
  823. Dis-invited the Philadelphia Eagles from an event over their protests
  824. Told courts they won’t defend key provisions of the Affordable Care Act
  825. Blew off preparations for summit with North Korea
  826. Seized the phone and email records of a a New York Times reporter in his war against the press
  827. Threatened to end all trade with US allies
  828. Claimed Canada “stabbed us in the back”
  829. With Niel Gorsuch providing the deciding vote, green lighted aggressive purging of voter rolls
  830. Altered the way the EPA calculates costs and benefits to downplay the public benefits of environmental regulations
  831. Restricted the way the EPA establishes harms from environmental toxins
  832. Dropped protections for immigrant victims of domestic abuses and gang violence seeking asylum
  833. Scott Pruitt used an EPA aide and donors to find a job for his wife
  834. Called the press “America’s biggest enemy”
  835. Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump made $82mn while working in the White House last year
  836. Supported virulently anti-immigrant, pro-confederate GOP candidate Corey Stewart
  837. Announced plans to put immigrant children separated from their parents into tent cities
  838. Launched a “denaturalization” effort to strip citizenship from immigrants
  839. It was revealed Trump operative Roger Stone met with a Russian man trying to sell dirt on Hillary Clinton for $2mn
  840. Following up from #771, ordered the creation of a “space force”
  841. Attempted to blame Democrats for his policy of separating immigrant children from their parents and keeping them in camps
  842. Falsely claimed that crime rates in Germany were up as a scare tactic on immigration
  843. Withdrew the US from the UN Human Rights Council
  844. Escalated the burgeoning trade war with China by announcing tariffs on $200bn worth of Chinese goods
  845. It was revealed that migrant children held in custody are drugged without consent
  846. Misspelled “separation” on executive order on family separations
  847. Blocked immigration judge’s appointment over her politics
  848. Spent several weeks claiming he was powerless to stop his inhumane policy of border separations without congressional approval, then tacitly acknowledged he could have done it the whole time
  849. Rolled back Obama era Ocean protection rules
  850. Sabotaged efforts to pass an immigration bill
  851. As a consequence of Trump’s escalating trade war, Harley Davidson announced it was moving production overseas
  852. Dismissed UN report on alarming rates of poverty in the US
  853. The Supreme Court enabled “crisis pregnancy centers” that mislead and outright lie to pregnant women by overturning a basic consumer protection that requires clinics to notify patients if they’re medically licensed and let them know their healthcare options
  854. The Supreme Court upheld Trump’s travel ban, reasoning that the clearly discriminatory intent behind the ban voiced during the 2016 campaign was irrelevant
  855. The Supreme Court gutted public sector unions in a ruling that Justice Elena Kegan noted, grossly abused the First Amendment, directly hurt millions of people, created legal confusion and overrode democratic governance
  856. Sued by 17 states over his policy of family separations
  857. The Congressional GOP escalated it’s antagonism of Rob Rosenstein and the Russian probe
  858. Responded to calls to abolish ICE by falsely claiming the US is being overrun by MS-13
  859. Forced immigrant toddlers to appear in court alone
  860. In response to a federal court order demanding the administration reunite detained immigrant children with their families, the administration announced it would hold immigrant families for longer than 20 days
  861. Drafted a bill to unilaterally pull out of the World Trade Organization
  862. Initially declined to fly flags at half mast for the victims of the Capital Gazette
  863. Reversed Obama era guidelines aimed at improving racial diversity in college admissions
  864. The Supreme Court gutted antitrust laws in the case of Ohio vs. American Express
  865. Created a humanitarian crisis at the Victoriaville prison, where the 1000 detainees crowded into the badly understaffed facility have fallen victim to infectious diseases, leading staff to fear a riot
  866. Forwent standard procedures and used DNA testing to reunite migrant children with their parents, an invasive process that sparked fears that the information will be used to track the children after they are released
  867. Scott Pruitt resigned, completing his tenure as one of the most scandal ridden cabinet members in modern American history
  868. Seriously considered invading Venezuela
  869. As a consequence of the administration’s immigration policies, tens of thousands of immigrants serving in the military and for the pentagon have been abruptly discharged
  870. Threatened to hit Equador with punitive trade measures over a resolution aimed at promoting breast feeding
  871. Created a loophole for “super polluting” trucks
  872. Contrary to the administration’s rhetoric, It was revealed that ICE has been making increasing indiscriminate arrests and deportations
  873. Pardoned arsonists Dwight Hammond and Steve Hammond who sparked an armed occupation of a wildlife refuge
  874. Leveled a 25% tariff on $34bn on Chinese goods, immediately causing China to retaliate
  875. Launched new tariffs on an addition $200bn on Chinese goods, ramping up the US-China trade war
  876. Drained HIV prevention fund to finance the detention of immigrant children
  877. Implemented new policy guidance that will turn away more asylum seekers at the border
  878. Missed the deadline to reunite immigrant children with their parents
  879. Threatened to pull the United States out of NATO
  880. Pandered to the racist idea of “white genocide” by dog whistling that Europe was “losing its culture” due to immigration
  881. Just days into his tenure, new EPA chief Andrew Wheeler already faced ethical problems regarding illicit hiring practices and tampering with the release of public documents
  882. Following #794, allowed Chinese Telecom ZTE to reenter business in the United States
  883. Jared Kushner came under investigation for allegedly trying to force tenants out of their apartments, using tactics up to and including exposing children to toxic substances
  884. Shutdown a database of medical guidelines that’s largely considered essential to healthcare professionals
  885. Sided with Russia over US intelligence agencies on reports of Russian interference in the 2016 election
  886. Moved to block a climate change lawsuit filed by children
  887. Ignored intel warnings when cancelling immigration protections
  888. Sued by six states over withholding funds from sanctuary cities in items #18 and #164
  889. Moved to rollback protections on endangered species by making it easier to delist species and withdrawing a policy that offered the same protections to threatened species
  890. Repeated the false equivalence between the white supremacist rioters in Charlottesville and the people protesting them
  891. Following directly on the controversy in #885, provocatively invited Putin to the White House while his spokesman seemed to repeat Trump’s refusal to side with US intelligence agencies
  892. Threatened to dramatically escalate his trade war with tariffs on $500bn worth of Chinese imports
  893. Issued a bizzare, threatening all-caps tweet at Iran
  894. Moved to retaliate against former officials who criticized Trump by revoking their security clearances
  895. Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke racked up numerous ethics scandals, including retaliating against staff for political reasons and failing to disclose his business connections
  896. At a time when former Trump campaign staffers and administration officials are under investigations which the administration is actively attempting to undermine, nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, who expressed the opinion that the unanimous Supreme Court decision to make Nixon turn over the white house tapes in Watergate investigation was wrongly decided
  897. Abruptly froze billions of dollars of risk adjustment payments aimed at stabilizing health insurance market places, then was forced to reverse the move two weeks later when it became apparent what a disaster the policy would be
  898. It became apparent that the tax bill passed in #575 had completely failed to help boost wages for workers as wages as wages fell 1.8% in the 2nd quarter of 2018 when the tax cuts implemented by the bill were coming into effect
  899. Barred a CNN reporter from attending a press event for asking questions
  900. Encouraged by the Trump administration, Republicans in the House of Representatives introduced legislation to impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as part of their campaign to discredit the Russian probe
  901. Killed the “persuader rule” that required employers to disclose when they hire union busting consultants
  902. Tightened criteria under which student loan borrowers defrauded by schools can have their student loans forgiven
  903. Dropped penalties against corporate abuses by more than 50%
  904. Curtailed the powers of the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board
  905. Sued by states over his plans to allow the release of downloadable 3-D printed gun blueprints
  906. The released Cohen tapes seemed to confirm that Trump had insisted on payments that violated campaign finance laws
  907. Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Guilliani, tried to claim that “collusion is not a crime”
  908. Moved to bypass congress in order to pass $100bn in tax cuts for the wealthy
  909. Ordered the creation of a “religious liberty task force” to push conservative social policy
  910. Moved to freeze fuel efficiency standards and tried to claim that higher fuel standards risk lives because they might cause people to drive more
  911. Escalated the trade war with China further by threatening to increase tariffs on $200bn in Chinese products from 10% to 25%
  912. Undermined the Affordable Care Act further by making it easier to buy short term health insurance plans that skirt the laws consumer protections
  913. Pushed Jeff Sessions to end the Russia Probe
  914. Claimed people need IDs to buy groceries in order to justify harsh voter ID laws
  915. Tried to pass responsibility for reuniting children with their parents to the ACLU
  916. Dismissed and misled the public on alarming reports of poverty in the United States
  917. Admitted that his son, Donald Trump Jr., met with Kremlin linked lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya to obtain incriminating information on Hillary Clinton
  918. Sued by New York for his Payroll Audit Independent Determination Program, which is seen as a get out of jail free program for predatory employers who steal their employee wages and allows them to avoid prosecution under more stringent state laws
  919. Reimposed sanctions lifted under the Iran nuclear deal
  920. Escalated the trade war with China with an additional $16bn in tariffs
  921. Slashed funding and staff at financial market watchdog the Office of Financial Research, weakening the government’s ability to anticipate and potentially prevent future financial crises
  922. Overrode endangered species protections to access water California’s firefighters say they don’t need
  923. Moved to open 1.6 million acres to fracking, drilling in California
  924. Moved to allow new uses for asbestos
  925. Introduced a new rule on taxing pass through income that exempts financial firms from paying billions of dollars in taxes
  926. Tightened restrictions on an Obama era policy that had allowed senior Medicare users, doctors and hospitals to participate in risk free pools
  927. Made it more difficult for legal immigrants to obtain citizenship if they had ever received public assistance such as that provided under the Affordable Care Act
  928. Caught on tape using the N-word
  929. Raised tariffs on Turkey, exacerbating their economic collapse
  930. Rolled back financial protections for military personnel from predatory loans
  931. Tried to deport a 4 year old girl who had been legally adopted by American parents
  932. Deleted the entire staff directory of the office responsible for handling the administration’s family separation policy
  933. Began revoking security clearances of former officials in retaliation for criticism
  934. Moved to sell off 1,600 acres of land that was formerly a part of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument
  935. It was reported that Trump’s military parade will cost $80mn more than initially expected
  936. Following up from #771, moved foward with plans to militarize space
  937. Abused an obscure budget rule to kill $3bn in foreign aid
  938. Ended $200mn in funding for stabilization projects in Syria, such as a UN program that investigates war crimes
  939. Failed to deliver $14bn in funds for mass transit projects
  940. Declared conserving oil is no longer an economic imperative for the US, undermining decades of efforts to promote fuel efficiency and conservation
  941. Moved to roll back restrictions on coal fired power plants
  942. Tone deafly said a border patrol agent “speaks perfectly English”
  943. Bizarrely tried to avoid being interviewed by Robert Mueller on the logic that he would perjure himself
  944. It was revealed that Trump adviser Darren J Beattie attended a conference attended by white supremacists
  945. It was further revealed that Larry Kudlow had hosted a white nationalist publisher at his home
  946. Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, revealed under oath that Trump ordered him to illegally interfere in the election
  947. Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was found guilty of 8 counts of tax fraud, bank fraud and other illegal activities
  948. Underreported instances of racial discrimination in schools
  949. Used official events as midterm campaigning
  950. Repeated white nationalist talking propaganda about South Africa’s land redistribution policy
  951. Exploited the murder of Mollie Tibbetts to gin up fears against immigrants
  952. Suggested cooperating with prosecutors should be a crime
  953. Granted a high level of influence over VA policy to an oligarchic “Mar-a-Lago crowd”
  954. Considered a Tennessee proposal to cut Planned Parenthood funding from its Medicaid program
  955. Slashed more than $200mn in aid to Palestinians
  956. The Republican Congress systematically failed to investigate 52 separate instances of misconduct by the Trump administration
  957. The head of a Federal student loan watchdog resigned in disgust over the administrations “turning its back” on student borrowers
  958. Pushed a bizarre conspiracy that Google is rigged against him
  959. Pushed immigration judges to act as prosecutors to the point that the National Association of Immigration Judges was forced to file a labor grievance
  960. Reportedly revoking passports and deporting hispanic citizens
  961. Backed students suing Harvard over it’s admissions policy aimed at promoting diversity
  962. Moved to issue new rules limiting the liability of Universities for sexual assault
  963. Fired Paul McGahn after it was reported that he had cooperated Robert Mueller’s probe
  964. Canceled pay raises for Federal employees
  965. Sued for illegally using the Trump Foundation to bankroll his campaign
  966. Slashed funds at the UN Relief and Works Agency which aids refugees
  967. Withheld 100,000 pages of Brett Kavanaugh’s records
  968. Criticized his own attorney general for investigating corrupt Republicans
  969. According to inside accounts collected by Bob Woodward, Trump is considered so inept and unstable by his own staff that they will hide documents from him to prevent him from signing them
  970. Named a Climate Change denier William Happer as his adviser on emerging technologies
  971. Complained about Colin Kaepernick’s Nike deal
  972. Reportedly regretted condemning white supremacists and called it “the biggest fucking mistake I ever made”
  973. Made the homophobic claim that he has 100 photos of Mueller and Comey kissing
  974. Dismissed statistics that demonstrated worker wages have stagnated
  975. Stated he believes protesting should not be allowed
  976. Spent labor day attacking the leader of the largest labor union in the United States
  977. Introduced a policy to hold detained immigrant families indefinitely
  978. Plotted a military coup in Venezuela
  979. Cut nearly 1,600 EPA staff in his first 18 months in office
  980. Closed the PLO office in DC
  981. Threatened sanctions against ICC judges who planned to look into possible war crimes committed by Americans in Afghanistan
  982. Eased limits on methane pollution
  983. Tripled the size of a tent city used to detain immigrant children
  984. Tried to pass the botched response of hurricane Maria cited in #445 as a success
  985. Diverted $10mn from FEMA to fund his immigrant crackdown
  986. Had the Department of Education adopt a policy to label virtually all criticism of Israel as “antisemitism”
  987. Falsely claimed that nearly 3,000 Puerto Ricans did not die in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria
  988. Eric Trump made an antisemitic insult at Bob Woodward
  989. Trump’s FEMA chief was put under investigation for misusing official vehicles
  990. The courts ruled that Betsy DeVos had illegally tried to delay implementation of Obama era student loan rules
  991. Imposed additional tariffs on $200bn worth of Chinese imports
  992. Spent absurd amounts of public money on furnishings, such as $52,000 drapes
  993. Slashed the number of refugees the United States will take in to 30,000 in 2019, the lowest in US history
  994. After it was revealed that his Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, had sexually harassed a classmate and lied under oath, continued to rush his nomination forward and sought to discredit his accuser
  995. Ordered the release of unredacted texts from the Russia probe, potentially undermining the ongoing investigation
  996. Tried to declare measures by California to protect net neutrality “illegal”
  997. Sued by New Mexico and California for their attempt to roll back Obama era methane rules in #982
  998. Lost track of 1,500 more immigrant children
  999. Restricted green cards to immigrants who have used public services
  1000. Diverted nearly half a billion dollars from healthcare programs into its immigrant detention drive
  1001. Threatened another shutdown if the spending bill set to avert a government shutdown on September 30 didn’t include funding for his wall
  1002. Said the government should “work for” the oil and gas industry
  1003. Declined to label the slaughter of the Rohingya people genocide
  1004. Killed fetal tissue research that could save lives and instead decided to audit it
  1005. It was revealed that Trump was actively building his family separation policy when he lied by denying its existence
  1006. Humiliated himself and the country when a UN general assembly laughed at his claim to being the “most accomplished” in US history, then repeated anti-Semitic slurs by denouncing “globalism”
  1007. Approved a new set of heavy handed restraining devices for ICE
  1008. Opened a lawsuit against Yale University alleging discrimination against Asian Americans in a cynical attempt to use such complaints to undermine affirmative action policies
  1009. Continued to push his measures violating the rights of Federal workers issued in item #807 after a federal judge struck them down
  1010. After attempting to dismiss Christine Ford’s account of Brett Kavanaugh’s attempted sexual assault as political theater, Lindsay Graham threatened to falsify accusations of assault against Democratic nominees
  1011. Presumed a worst case scenario on climate change and used to it to justify undermining environmental regulations under the presumption that the outcome was already unavoidable
  1012. Completed its rollback of safety regulations put in place after the Deepwater Horizon disaster
  1013. Limited the scope of the FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaugh by blocking it from investigating additional allegations from his high school days
  1014. Sued California over its net neutrality law
  1015. Eased mercury emissions rules
  1016. Mocked Christine Ford’s account of being sexually assaulted at a rally
  1017. It was reported that Trump had spent decades engaging in dubious tax schemes and outright fraud on behalf of his father as part of an elaborate tax evasion strategy
  1018. Moved to roll back EPA radiation regulations on by using scientific outliers to claim a little radiation is “good for you”
  1019. Revived the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, and with it the for profit university industry, which had been previously shut down due to compliance issues enabling pervasive fraud
  1020. Was ordered by the International Court of Justice to lift sanctions of the Iran Nuclear deal which had been reimposed in #919
  1021. It was revealed Devin Nunes had buried evidence to protect the Trump administration
  1022. Repeated a conspiracy theory that George Soros was paying protesters
  1023. Walked onto Air Force One apparently with a piece of toilet paper stuck to his shoe
  1024. Ignoring numerous accusations of sexual assault and perjury, confirmed Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, seriously delegitimizing the institution
  1025. Halted visas for same sex partners of immigrants
  1026. Trump’s EPA chief, Andrew Wheeler, was caught posting conspiratorial and racist content on social media, including during his tenure at the EPA
  1027. Withdrew from the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations
  1028. Nullified 1955 treaty of amity with Iran after imposing sanctions
  1029. Opposed a Chicago police reform plan created to limit the use of force after several instances of police brutality
  1030. Planned to shut down Obamacare website during open enrollment
  1031. Touted a 33% increase in foreign arms sales
  1032. Criticized the Federal Reserve for raising interest rates
  1033. Broke international law with his family separation policy
  1034. As a matter of policy had immigrant children as young as 5 years old sign away their rights
  1035. After it was revealed that the Saudi government had murdered Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, announced he was continuing to sell arms to the Saudi government anyways
  1036. It was revealed Jared Kushner has paid almost no Federal Income Tax for years
  1037. Responded to the metoo movement by bemoaning that it’s a “scary time to be a young man”
  1038. Moved to use military bases to export coal as a means to circumvent local officials who rejected private efforts to build coal ports
  1039. Introduced new restrictions and fees against protesters
  1040. Spent more than $3mn on private security for Confederate Monuments
  1041. Suspended dozens of environmental and health laws to build his border wall
  1042. Blew up the deficit to nearly $800bn as a result of his tax cuts and reckless military spending, crippling the response to future recessions
  1043. Despite mounting evidence and international outrage over Saudi Arabia’s murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, not only refused to hold Saudi Arabia to account but actively sided with them
  1044. Called Stormy Daniels a “horseface”
  1045. Research determined that there has been a spike in premature births among immigrant mothers, largely as a result of stress caused by Trumps harsh immigration policies
  1046. Withdrew from a 144 year old treaty involving 192 countries setting international mailing rates
  1047. Pledged to revive efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act if Republicans do well in the mid-terms
  1048. Planned to use the deficits caused by their own tax cuts as a pretext to cut Medicare and Social Security
  1049. Once again threatened to deploy the military to the border, and later deployed 15,000 troops
  1050. It was revealed that Trump was directly involved in the decision in #339 to nix a new FBI headquarters, which he then lied to Congress about
  1051. Withdrew from the Intermediate Range Nuclear Force Treaty
  1052. Moved to expand the religious exemption for birth control coverage
  1053. Withdrew an Obama era rule on Uranium milling
  1054. According to a leaked memo, considered removing transgendered from the definition of sexual discrimination under Title IX
  1055. Threatened to cut aid to Central America
  1056. Allowed states leeway to avoid pre-existing condition requirements
  1057. Despite mounting evidence of Saudi involvement in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, Steve Mnuchin met with the Saudi crown prince
  1058. Ended an Obama era prohibition on Health Reimbursement Arrangements that led to degrade quality of health insurance coverage
  1059. Embraced the label of “nationalist” in the wake of a rise in white nationalist violence and terrorism
  1060. It was revealed that Trump’s opioid “emergency” was highly ineffectual in curbing opioid deaths
  1061. Planned to end the 40-Hour Work Overtime rule and a rule establishing corporate liability for labor violations by their franchisees
  1062. Had the Council of Economic Advisors release a bizarre anti-Socialism report that, among other things, compared Elizabeth Warren to Mao Zedong
  1063. Approved offshore arctic drilling in Alaska
  1064. Hours after bombs were sent to CNN and various Democrats, blamed the media for violence
  1065. Continued using unsecure phones, allowing countries like China and Russia to listen to official conversations
  1066. Told an escalating series of lies about the Central American migrant caravan
  1067. Despite a truce promising not to, Republicans rammed through numerous conservative judges while the Senate was in recess
  1068. Invited Putin to the White House
  1069. Limited the amount of intelligence on North Korea it shares with congress
  1070. Reacted to the MAGA bomber by flirting with false flag theories regarding the MAGA bomber and griping that they were wrecking his election messaging, then when it was revealed that the bomber was unambiguously inspired by his rhetoric complained that the media was just trying using the bombings to “score points” against him
  1071. Deployed 5,200 troops to meet the caravan of asylum seeking refugees from Central America
  1072. Used scripts provided by oil and gas companies in their rollback of drilling restrictions
  1073. Called CNN the “enemy of the people” days after bombs were sent to CNN
  1074. Dramatically increased the wait time for citizenship applications
  1075. Clearly inspired the Pittsburgh shooter and other alt right terrorists with his xenophobic demagoguery
  1076. Vowed to end birthright citizenship, which would reduce countless immigrants to a perpetual second class status and violate the Constitution
  1077. Illegally turned away asylum seekers going through the appropriate processes
  1078. Moved to allow employers greater flexibility to deny health insurance covering birth control to their employees
  1079. Promised a totally made up middle class tax cut that they later had to concede had no chance of being realized
  1080. Added new sanctions on Cuba and Venezuela
  1081. Cut funds for Palestinian peace groups
  1082. Continued to perpetuate a bizarre conspiracy theory that George Soros is funding the Central American migrant caravan days after the theory inspired the mass shooting in #1075
  1083. Announced that he will hold undocumented immigrants in detention until deportation and will block asylum seekers from claiming asylum if they are crossing the border outside a legal port of entry
  1084. It was revealed that Melania Trump’s one night stay in Egypt cost taxpayers $95,050
  1085. Reinstated all the sanctions which had been lifted after the Iran Nuclear Deal
  1086. Scrapped child labor rules protecting teenagers working in nursing homes and hospitals
  1087. Said the military should shoot rock throwing migrants and allegedly tried to use the military as law enforcement even though it would violate the Constitution
  1088. It was revealed that Trump casually uses racist language and said “black people are too stupid to vote for me”
  1089. Continued to harass one of the women who had accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her
  1090. Fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions and replaced him with a party loyalist apparently to open the path to substantial interference in the Russian probe
  1091. Mocked a Japanese journalist
  1092. Antagonized reporter Jim Acosta and revoked his press clearance
  1093. Following up from #1083, published a new rule blocking asylum seekers who cross the border between designated ports of entry
  1094. Published new rules denying birth control coverage mandated under Obamacare and billing Medicare and Medicaid users separately for abortion services
  1095. Sharply curtailed the ability of Federal civil rights lawyers to rein in police abuse by ending consent decrees
  1096. Made baseless claims of voter fraud in Senate and gubernatorial races following the midterms
  1097. Used a doctored video from Infowars to justify banning Jim Acosta in #1092
  1098. Violated campaign finance laws by being directly involved in hush money payments
  1099. In the midst of a series of wildfires in California, criticized firefighters and threatened to cut Federal funding
  1100. Directly profited off the 2018 midterms, with Trump owned properties earning $3.2 million from campaigns and PACs
  1101. Skipped a WWI commemoration ceremony because of rain
  1102. As Florida’s recount continued, called the vote “massively infected” with no evidence and demanded Florida ignore ballots, including those of military personnel, on Veteran’s Day
  1103. Raised campaign funds off CNN’s lawsuit against him
  1104. It was revealed in testimony by the Census Bureau’s top scientists that the decision to include a citizenship question in #592 was made over the protests of Census officials and before any research on the costs had been conducted
  1105. Blocked a measure to end US support of Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen
  1106. Offered to allow Turkey to kill a US resident in order to calm their anger over the murder of Jamal Khashoggi in #1043
  1107. Admitted that he had installed Matthew Whitaker as Attorney General over the Russian probe
  1108. Issued new rules protecting those accused of sexual harassment
  1109. Planned a costly privatization of care provided by the Department for Veteran’s Affairs
  1110. Called Saudi Arabia a “spectacular ally” despite the murder of Jamal Khashoggi in #1043
  1111. It was revealed that the Trump Administration’s immigration crackdown was scaring away immigrant families from using crucial social services
  1112. Pressured 4-H to drop its LGBT friendly policy
  1113. Continued their attempt started in #1092 to strip Jim Acosta of his press clearance despite being ordered by the courts to return it
  1114. It was revealed Ivanka Trump used her personal email account to conduct government business
  1115. Raised prosecuting Clinton with top officials in the White House and Justice Department on frivolous grounds
  1116. Publicly backed Saudi Arabia despite their complicity in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi in #1043
  1117. Wrongly blamed “radical environmentalists” for California wildfires
  1118. Put new sanctions on Iran
  1119. Rebuked by Cheif Justice John Roberts over injecting partisanship into judicial appointments
  1120. It was revealed that Trump’s stunt deploying of soldiers to the border wasted $72 million
  1121. Urged the supreme court to immediately take up the transgender ban in the military
  1122. Buried a report on the devastating and accelerating impacts of climate change
  1123. Reapproved Kentucky’s Medicaid work requirements
  1124. Reportedly reached a new asylum deal that would force asylum seekers to remain in Mexico while their claims are processes, putting their lives in danger. This deal was later denied by the Mexican government
  1125. Teargassed migrants seeking asylum in the United StatesTear Gas
  1126. Prevented Gina Haspel from briefing the Senate on the murder of Jamal Khashoggi
  1127. Citing Trump’s steel tariffs as a major cause, GM laid off 15,000 workers and shuttered 5 plants. Trump responded by threatening to withdraw subsidies to GM and impose new tariffs
  1128. It was revealed that Paul Manafort had met with Julian Assange while working on Trump’s campaign. It was also revealed that Manafort has lied to the Mueller probe about business and Ukrainian dealings
  1129. Appealed judges ruling blocking asylum ban
  1130. Lied by claiming that border agents were “seriously injured” when tear gassing asylum seekers at the border
  1131. Suggested he may pardon Paul Manafort
  1132. Approved harmful seismic blasting in the Atlantic
  1133. Violated the Hatch Act when 6 administration officials promoted Trump’s political message from their positions
  1134. Attempted to block briefs from Democrats on National Monument cases
  1135. Sued by Baltimore over immigrant’s access to benefits
  1136. A federal court ruled that the administration can not withhold grants from sanctuary cities
  1137. Approved new Medicaid work requirements in New Hampshire
  1138. Called for an end to subsidies for renewables and electric cars
  1139. Following up from item #1004, killed NIH contracts to fund fetal tissue research aimed at finding treatments for Parkinson’s disease and other illnesses
  1140. Blew off any responsibility for America’s long term fiscal stability
  1141. Refused to sign the G20 statement until they inserted language restating their decision to abandon the Paris Climate Accord
  1142. Admitted Russian interference in the FCC debate over net neutrality despite previously denying such interference
  1143. It was revealed that Saudi lobbyists had bought 500 nights at Trump’s hotel after the 2016 election
  1144. Ended rule meant to insure healthy school lunches
  1145. Moved to end protections for Sage Grouse
  1146. Moved to end requirement that new coal plants use carbon capture technology despite disastrous climate impact
  1147. Federal prosecutors concluded that Trump committed a felony by instructing Michael Cohen to make payments to Stormy Daniels and lie to investigators
  1148. Stripped Federal protections for waterways and wetlands
  1149. Spread numerous falsehoods about the French protests and tried to take advantage of them to push an anti-climate control agenda
  1150. Continued to give advice to Saudi Arabia after the Khashoggi murder
  1151. Gave Mar-a-lago $17 million for non-existent hurricane damage
  1152. Wasted millions hiring border agents for his immigration crackdown
  1153. Continued to press having the military restrict transgender troops
  1154. It was found that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner personally profited from a tax policy they championed
  1155. Once again threatened to shut down the government over funding for his border wall
  1156. Tried to bury a report that Wells Fargo had  charged students excessively high fees
  1157. It was revealed that Trump was in the room when discussing hush money for tabloid scandals, violating campaign finance laws
  1158. A 7 year old girl died of neglect when being held as part of Trump immigration crackdown. Later the administration denied responsibility for the event
  1159. Trump’s inaugural committee came under investigation for various financial abuses
  1160. Renewed the push to slash the federal workforce in the face of staffing shortages and a worsening economy
  1161. Deported 256,000 people in its first year
  1162. Moved to deport Vietnam war refugees
  1163. The Trump Foundation was dissolved after it was found that Trump had used the organization to commit numerous abuses, essentially using it as a slush fund
  1164. Deported a group of Cambodian immigrants
  1165. Attempted to circumvent Congress to institute work requirements for food stamps
  1166. Following up from #1124, implemented a new policy forcing refugees to wait in Mexico while their asylum claims are processed
  1167. Threatened to not sign a stopgap spending measure that would avert a shutdown
  1168. Michael Flynn was denounced as having “sold out” his country by a Federal judge
  1169. Shutdown the government for the third time in a year
  1170. Threatened to cut aid to Palestinians
  1171. Further destabilized the markets by threatening to carry the shutdown into the new year, threatening the Federal Reserve and generally sending confused messages
  1172. An 8 year old died in ICE custody
  1173. As a consequence of the shutdown, slashed nearly all food stamp office staff
  1174. Moved to appeal a Federal ruling against his asylum ban
  1175. Stopped FEMA issued flood insurance policies as a consequence of the shutdown
  1176. Attempted to dismiss lawsuits filed by cities over his administration’s attempts to sabotage the ACA
  1177. Told a small child Santa Claus isn’t real
  1178. Suggested that most unpaid Federal workers are Democrats
  1179. Moved to block deal that would allow Cuban baseball players to play in the United States
  1180. Following up from #1015, moved to roll back Obama era mercury emissions regulations
  1181. Blocked a pay increase for Federal workers
  1182. Repeated lie about the FBI “deleting” text messages
  1183. Sued by Federal employees for forcing them to work without pay
  1184. Prolonged the shutdown by preemptively rejecting House Democrat’s budget deal
  1185. Moved to roll back roll back of anti-discrimination rules aimed at curbing actions that have a disparate impact on different groups of people based on ethnicity, gender and other characteristics
  1186. Failed to distribute billions in storm protection money
  1187. Threatened to extend the shutdown “months” or even “years”
  1188. Gave its own staff pay raises even as other government workers went without pay due to the shutdown
  1189. Threatened to declare a national emergency to use military funding for his border wall if talks with Congress continue to stall
  1190. Made false claims about Democrat’s campaign finance violations
  1191. Denied reports of TSA workers calling in sick in response to the shutdown while falsely claiming that government employees support his shutdown
  1192. Falsely claimed that more than 3,000 terrorists had been detained at the border when, in reality, none had
  1193. It was revealed that Paul Manafort had shared campaign finance information to people with extensive ties to Russian intelligence agencies
  1194. Repeated numerous lies and falsehoods in a Presidential address to justify extending the shutdown
  1195. Moved to withhold FEMA aid to wildfire victims
  1196. Walked out on negotiations to resolve the shutdown
  1197. As a result of the shutdown, failed to disburse hurricane aid
  1198. Forced the FDA to postpone some food inspection as a consequence of his shutdown
  1199. Implemented a confused and inconsistent withdrawal from Syria
  1200. Considered redirecting disaster relief funds to his border wall
  1201. Came under investigation by the FBI to determine if he was a Russian asset
  1202. Hobbled US diplomacy with the shutdown
  1203. Attempted to hide details of his meeting with Putin from administration officials
  1204. Sought options for a military strike on Iran
  1205. Drove a sharp increase in carbon emissions with its rollback of environmental regulations
  1206. A Federal Court found that the citizenship question the Trump administration had attempted to add to the census in #592 was unlawful
  1207. A Federal Court blocked the administration’s expansion of religious exemptions to providing birth control in #1052, citing dire public health and financial consequences
  1208. Attempted to circumvent House leadership to get an end to the shutdown
  1209. Low income renters lost rental assistance as a result of the shutdown
  1210. Attorney General nominee Bill Barr suggested he would bury the Mueller probe
  1211. Forced 2,500 USDA employees to work without pay during the shutdown
  1212. It was revealed the Trump administration had separated thousands more families than it had initially reported
  1213. It was revealed that the General Services Administration had ignored the Constitution when approving the lease of Trump Hotel
  1214. It was revealed that Michael Cohen had hired an IT firm to rig polls for Trump
  1215. It was revealed Trump had directed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about the construction of a Trump Hotel in Moscow
  1216. It was revealed that the administration had been drafting the family separation policy months earlier than previously believed, despite claiming that no such policy existed
  1217. Leaked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s plans to fly commercially to a war zone
  1218. Approved Medicaid work requirements in Arizona
  1219. Expanded tax giveaways for businesses
  1220. Rudy Guilliani acknowledged that Trump talked to Michael Cohen before he spoke to Congress and had been in talks on the Moscow Trump hotel up to the election
  1221. Drastically narrowed the definition of domestic violence
  1222. With Niel Gorsuch and Brett Kavanagh providing the deciding votes, the Supreme Court voted to allow Trump’s transgender military ban to proceed
  1223. Seriously disrupted grants for scientific research as a result of the shutdown
  1224. Backed an incipient coup in Venezuela
  1225. Closed the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s climate data page
  1226. Republican operative Roger Stone was indicted in connection with his role in possible Russian collusion and obstruction of justice
  1227. It was revealed that Trump officials had overruled security experts to grant Jared Kushner security clearance
  1228. Began to send asylum seekers to wait in Mexico
  1229. Failed to release budget request, delaying work on government funding in the aftermath of the shutdown
  1230. Accused of gross incompetence in handling US foreign policy
  1231. Secretly shipped plutonium to Nevada over the state’s objections
  1232. Held up $4bn in aid for Hurricane Harvey relief
  1233. The Union of Concerned Scientists released a report outlining 80 distinct attacks made by the Trump administration on scientific research
  1234. Came under investigation over its roll back of labor regulations
  1235. Deployed an additional 3,000 troops to the border in a heavy handed and frivolous waste of taxpayer money
  1236. Claimed “God wanted Donald Trump to be president”
  1237. Threatened to set off a new arms race by withdrawing the US from a key arms control treaty
  1238. Argued it would be “too traumatic” to reunite migrant children with their families
  1239. Denied foreign influence in the 2016 election
  1240. Called Nepal and Bhutan “nipple” and “button”
  1241. Attempted to block Philidelphia’s safe injection sites
  1242. Used the State of the Union Address to call for an end to investigations against himself
  1243. Rolled back Obama era regulations on predatory pay day lenders
  1244. Eased rules on gun exports
  1245. It was revealed that the administration had implemented its family separation policy over the objection of federal agencies
  1246. Waived an environmental review relating to border fencing in the San Diego area
  1247. Appears to be directly involved in efforts to organize a coup in Venezuela
  1248. Trump’s tax plan backfired as fewer households got refunds
  1249. Sued by Honduran and Nepali immigrants over Trump’s decision to end their protected status
  1250. A federal judge ruled Paul Manafort intentionally lied to investigators
  1251. Apparently moved special forces closer to Venezuela in an apparent effort to instigate a coup
  1252. Sold wildlife corridors to oil and gas companies
  1253. Declared a National Emergency to misappropriate funding for his border wall, which it was immediately sued for
  1254. A federal judge ruled the Administration had overstepped its authority by ordering law enforcement to use anti-gang money to crack down on immigration
  1255. Canceled $929mn in high speed rail funding
  1256. Recklessly pushed the sale of nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia over the concerns of its own experts
  1257. Was sued by 16 states over its decision to declare a National Emergency in #1253
  1258. Tried to seize billions of dollars in high speed rail funding from California its role in suing the administration in item #1257
  1259. Ended talks with California over fuel efficiency standards
  1260. Shifted resources away from border smuggling investigations towards deportations
  1261. Ended visas for spouses of H1-B visa holders
  1262. It was reported that US farm exports dropped $1.9bn as a direct result of Trump’s trade war
  1263. It was further reported that tax payers have been forced to pay $7.7bn to alleviate the impact of Trump’s trade war
  1264. It was ruled that Trump’s labor secretary Alexander Acosta had broken the law by offering a plea deal to Jeffery Epstein. Trump later praised Acosta despite this
  1265. Lied by claiming that he is building his border wall
  1266. Issued a new rule severely cutting funding to Planned Parenthood
  1267. Created a new panel to ignore climate science and attempt to change the Federal Government’s position on climate change
  1268. Michael Cohen revealed that Trump knew about his campaign’s involvement with Wikileaks and the DNC email dump
  1269. Sued by Washington state over its policy targeting Planned Parenthood in #1267
  1270. Justified its transgender ban by comparing being transgender to a disease
  1271. Sided with dictator Kim Jung Un in the case of Otto Warmbier being tortured while imprisoned in North Korea
  1272. It was revealed that Trump forced officials to give Jared Kushner top security clearance despite concerns
  1273. Threatened an executive order to strip universities of their funding if they don’t “support free speech” by giving a platform to right win extremists
  1274. It was revealed Fox News may have leaked debate questions to the Trump campaign
  1275. A judge ruled the Trump administration had acted illegally when attempting to kill equal pay regulations
  1276. Moved to take Gray Wolves off the endangered species list
  1277. It was revealed T-Mobile had spent $195,000 at Trump’s businesses while awaiting government approval for their merger in a massive conflict of interest
  1278. Tracked and targeted journalists and activists involved with the migrant caravan
  1279. Moved to make it easier to decertify railway and airline unions
  1280. Scaled back the Obama administration’s overtime pay rules
  1281. Deported 471 parents without their kids
  1282. Trump’s costly trade war was revealed to be ineffective as the trade deficit hit a record high of $891bn
  1283. Sued over his decision to end a Liberian immigration program
  1284. It was revealed that Robert Kraft had sold access to Chinese investors to Trump
  1285. Released a budget including deep cuts to domestic programs, as well as hiking application fees for immigrantsslashing benefits for 2 million federal retirees and more
  1286. Based the budget cited in #1285 on excessively optimistic economic projections
  1287. Proposed freezing federal pay for a second year
  1288. Failed to give Federal workers a pay raise mandated by Congress and signed into law
  1289. Came under scrutiny for its close relationship with Boeing
  1290. Was publicly rebuked by Congress for its “Border Emergency”
  1291. Moved to block visas for immigrants that may use public assistance
  1292. Vetoed the Congressional motion ending his “border emergency” in #1290
  1293. Denounced for ignoring human rights monitors to the UN due to various abuses
  1294. Opened millions of acres to drilling
  1295. Pushed for an $86bn spy budget
  1296. Refused to cooperate with human rights monitors at the US Mexican border
  1297. With Trump’s appointees providing the deciding votes the Supreme Court ruled that immigrants can be detained indefinitely
  1298. Withheld report it used to justify auto tariffs
  1299. Began implementing its policy to force asylum seekers to remain in Texas in El Paso
  1300. Generally conducted it’s legal strategy around bald partisan appeals
  1301. Attempted to scapegoat unions for the loss of manufacturing jobs
  1302. Acceded to Israel’s occupation of the Golan Heights
  1303. Used unofficial communication devices to discuss sensitive government information
  1304. Introduced new sanctions on Iran and Venezuela
  1305. Was forced to recognize its immigrant detention policies were ineffective
  1306. Shifted $1.3mn in political donations into his own businesses
  1307. Gamed the system” in the release of the Mueller report, only presenting aspects that seemed to exonerate him while blocking the release of the full document
  1308. Sued by California for its policy banning doctors in federally funded family planning clinics from referring patients to abortion providers
  1309. Called for the entire Affordable Care Act to be struck down
  1310. Further restricted global healthcare funds tied to abortion
  1311. Moved to block disaster relief to Puerto Rico
  1312. Cut funding for the Special Olympics
  1313. Said wind power doesn’t work because “wind only blows sometimes”
  1314. Pushed for larger classroom sizes and fewer teachers
  1315. Cut foreign aid for Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador
  1316. Planned a road to cut through an Alaskan wildlife preserve
  1317. It was revealed that migrants were being crowded into an enclosure under a bridge in El Paso as part of their deportation drive
  1318. Threatened to shut down the border despite billions in potential economic costs
  1319. Generally governed in an inept manner, failing to coordinate between government agencies
  1320. Sued over Orca starvation caused by their failure to enforce salmon fishing restrictions
  1321. With Trump’s appointees providing the pivotal votes the Supreme court ruled that inmates do not have a right to a painless death
  1322. Sued by state Attorney Generals over its rollback of school nutrition programs
  1323. Proposed new rules that could block food stamps for 750,000 people
  1324. Claimed windmills caused cancer
  1325. Sued by the House of Representatives over his border wall
  1326. Said it would need at least 2 years to reunite children it had taken into custody during immigration raids with their families
  1327. Continued to refuse to release his tax returns
  1328. Escalated tension with Iran by designating their Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization
  1329. Killed baseball deal with Cuba
  1330. A Federal judge blocked the administration’s policy of forcing asylum seekers to remain in Mexico
  1331. Pushed for tougher restrictions on asylum seekers from Mexico
  1332. Trump’s Justice Department made it their policy that Trump hotels are exempt from bans on foreign payments
  1333. Missed the congressional deadline to turn over Trump’s tax returns
  1334. Planned to dismantle the Office of Personnel Management
  1335. Trump’s sister retired in order to avoid an ethics probe
  1336. Offered to pardon the Secretary of Homeland Security if the law was broken while the border was closed
  1337. Tweeted a video associating Ilhan Omar to 9/11
  1338. Played a role in orchestrating the indictments of Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange
  1339. Stripped federal protections from millions of miles of rivers
  1340. Created new hurdles for agency guidance on financial regulations
  1341. Undermined the thaw with Cuba by allowing lawsuits over decades old property seizures
  1342. Ended the right to bond for some asylum seekers, opening the door to thousands of indefinite detentions
  1343. Planned to build two new tent camps for detained migrants
  1344. A court ruled that the administration’s repeal of the coal, oil valuation rule was “arbitrary and capricious”
  1345. Vetoed a congressional motion to end US involvement in the Saudi war in Yemen
  1346. Made it harder for people with a criminal record to apply for Federal jobs
  1347. Pushed new sanctions against Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela
  1348. The Mueller report was released which showed that Trump had attempted to obstruct the investigation. The report also strongly implied the administration had engaged in collusion, though it could not prove it without further congressional investigation
  1349. Exacerbated tensions by moving to sanction countries, including allies, that import oil from Iran
  1350. Tried to argue that there was “nothing wrong” with taking political assistance from a hostile government
  1351. Sued House Democrats to prevent them from obtaining his financial records
  1352. Lied that nobody disobeyed his orders when the Mueller report had revealed multiple instances
  1353. Moved to crack down on visa overstays
  1354. Ordered administration officials to boycott the White House Correspondent’s Dinner
  1355. Missed deadline to provide Trump’s tax records
  1356. Appealed ruling saying that male only draft is unconstitutional
  1357. Watered down a UN resolution on sexual violence by forcing the removal of references to “sexual health”
  1358. Moved to relocate two federal research agencies despite worries that it would prompt mass resignations
  1359. Began sending immigrants to sanctuary cities
  1360. Attempted to have a case challenging their ability to strip US citizenship from people born in the United States
  1361. A judge blocked the Trump administration’s gag rule, calling it “madness”
  1362. Sued by migrants for unduly denying their claims for asylum
  1363. A magistrate blocked the Trump administration’s rollback of student protections
  1364. Sued banks to prevent them from providing his financial records to congress
  1365. It was revealed that special investigator Robert Mueller had told Bob Barr he felt he had mischaracterized his findings
  1366. Engaged in extensive stonewalling against providing congress with information
  1367. Joined a group of Republican states in a lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act
  1368. Started DNA tests of migrants at the southern border
  1369. Attorney General Bob Barr skipped a Congressional hearing on the Mueller Report and the administration’s apparent attempts to cover up the results
  1370. Moved to dramatically expand the category of people who can be deported for using benefits
  1371. Apparently destroyed boxes of evidence in the Mueller investigation
  1372. Reignited the trade war with China
  1373. Once again refused to turn over Trump’s tax returns to Congress
  1374. Moved to redefine poverty in order to kick Americans off welfare programs
  1375. Implemented new tariffs on Mexican tomatoes
  1376. The administration tried to remove references to climate change from an international statement on Arctic policy
  1377. Andrew Wheeler, the new head of the EPA, says glyphosate is not carcinogenic (while the W.H.O. begs to differ)
  1378. Moved to implement final rule expanding drilling along California coast
  1379. Moved to incorporate mandatory employment checks in his immigration plan
  1380. Aggravated the trade war with China by implementing new tariffs
  1381. Diverted an additional $1.5bn towards his border wall
  1382. Purged 200,000 VA healthcare applications
  1383. Made it more difficult for immigrants to use publicly subsidized housing
  1384. Sued by California for banning states from deducting union dues from worker’s paychecks
  1385. Prepared numerous military options for invading Iran
  1386. Ousted DHS officials over their resistance to his plan to arrest thousands of immigrants
  1387. Refused to join call to action follow the Christ church shootings to prevent future massacres
  1388. Erased references to the Affordable Care Act from Federal websites
  1389. Canceled nearly $1bn in high speed rail funding for California
  1390. Gave $62mn in tax payer money to a corrupt Brazilian meatpacking company
  1391. Cut funding for public housing repairs
  1392. It was found the administration had separated at least 1,700 additional migrant children from their families
  1393. Rejected subpoena’s from congress for financial records
  1394. Directed White House Counsel Don McGahn to defy congressional subpoenas
  1395. A judge ruled that the Trump Administration could not withhold financial records from congress
  1396. Following #1390, gave an additional $2mn to corrupt Brazillian meatpacking company JBS
  1397. Attempted to hide the fact that its Coal Plan would kill thousands
  1398. Moved to pardon war criminals
  1399. It was  revealed that Duetsche Bank employees had noticed significant suspicious activity by Trump and Jared Kushner and suggested Federal authorities investigate
  1400. Refused to work with Congress over various investigations
  1401. It was found that Trump’s tariffs have been paid overwhelmingly by American importers
  1402. Banned the CDC from using words like “fetus” and “transgender”
  1403. Moved to close 9 civilian conservation centers
  1404. Used an emergency declaration to sell arms to Saudi Arabia
  1405. Ordered federal agency to stop estimating the long term impact of climate change
  1406. A federal court allowed the administration to undermine transparency by using applications that auto delete
  1407. Transport Secretary Elaine Chao broke an ethics pledge to divest by continuing to hold stock
  1408. Robert Mueller reiterated that the Russian probe did not exonerate Trump and hinted at collusion, pointing to impeachment
  1409. Had the Department of Energy label fossil fuels as “molecules of freedom”
  1410. Appealed ruling blocking offshore drilling
  1411. Announced escalating tariffs against Mexico
  1412. Falsely claimed that Robert Mueller had exonerated him
  1413. Exacerbated trade wars by stripping India of special trade status
  1414. Forced visa applicants to provide social media information
  1415. Responsible for the largest reduction in protected land in US history
  1416. Pushed for a criminal crackdown on pipeline protestersTimy jacket
  1417. Considered tariffs on Australia
  1418. Three migrants died in three days as a result of Trump immigration crackdown
  1419. Limited research using fetal tissue
  1420. Canceled English classes, activities and legal aid for unaccompanied child migrants in US shelters
  1421. Issued new travel restrictions to Cuba
  1422. Approved two nuclear deals with Saudi Arabia
  1423. Dismissed the existential threat of climate change by saying it “goes both ways”
  1424. Claimed the moon was part of Mars
  1425. Moved to allow uranium mining near the Grand Canyon
  1426. Told embassies they can’t fly pride flags
  1427. Placed additional sanctions on Iranian petrochemical group
  1428. Planned to reclassify high level radioactive waste as “low level”
  1429. Blocked testimony from State Department officials for not following their views
  1430. Potentially undermined national security with its proposed Huawei ban
  1431. Forced the House of Representatives to hold William Barr and Don McGahn in contempt for contempt as they pressed to enforce subpoenas
  1432. Said that North Korea had kept their word in nuclear negotiations when it was clear it hadn’t
  1433. Planned to hold children at a WWII internment camp
  1434. Used executive privilege to keep census documents secret
  1435. Said he’d collude with foreign governments if they provided dirt on his opponents
  1436. Failed to reimburse the government of Washington DC $7mn for the cost of his inauguration
  1437. Tried to use the case against humanitarian aid worker Scott Warren to intimidate activists from helping migrants
  1438. Attempted to undermine the labor rights of Federal employees
  1439. Tried to pass off existing agreements with Mexico as a new trade deal and tried to take credit
  1440. Attempted to use tanker explosions as a pretext to ratchet up hostilities against Iran
  1441. Threatened to round up and deport millions
  1442. Permanently ended foreign aid to Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala
  1443. Fully replaced the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan with a watered energy policy that is estimated to cause 1.400 premature deaths
  1444. Threatened to bypass congress and impose furloughs and layoffs on the Office of Personnel Management
  1445. Dodged UN calls to investigate alleged attacks on oil tankers that it has been using to try to instigate hostilities against Iran
  1446. Re-implemented policy withdrawing funding from family planning clinics
  1447. Argued that migrant children don’t need soap or toothbrushes
  1448. Continued separating migrant families at the border
  1449. Drastically reduced enforcement of financial regulations
  1450. A leaked document revealed that many top officials were found to have red flags when being vetted during the transition process
  1451. Called “mentally retarded” by the President of Iran
  1452. Ratcheted up tensions with Iran by introducing new sanctions
  1453. It was revealed Attorney General Bill Barr killed 7 investigations into the Trump administration 10 days after the Mueller Report was released
  1454. Accused of rape by author E. Jean Carroll, then dismissed the accusations by saying she’s “not my type”
  1455. With Trump’s appointed judges providing the tie breaking votes, the Supreme court ruled to allow politically motivated gerrymandering
  1456. The Supreme Court ruled that blood can be drawn from unconscious drivers
  1457. Falsely accused the Mueller probe of breaking the law
  1458. Revoked an Obama era rule that cut off worst performing for profit schools from Federal funds
  1459. A federal judge ruled the Trump administration can’t divert military funds to build its border wall
  1460. Endangered lives and tarnished America’s diplomatic position by weaponizing foreign aid
  1461. Attorneys called for the administration to be held in contempt over its mistreatment of migrants at the border
  1462. Delayed doctor’s visits to detention centers
  1463. Coerced federal employees into either moving or quitting
  1464. Devastated two major agencies and undermined the role of science in policy making by moving hundreds of USDA scientists and statisticians out of Washington DC
  1465. Created dangerous, inhumane conditions in immigration detention camps where, among other things, migrants were told to drink from toilets
  1466. Moved forward to hold a military parade on July 4th
  1467. Sued by the House Ways and Means Committee for his tax returns
  1468. Diverted $2.5mn from national parks to fund his military parade
  1469. Imposed draconian fines on immigrants in the United States
  1470. Dismissed reports of appalling conditions in immigrant detention centers
  1471. Continued to push for citizenship question on the census
  1472. A judge ruled that the administration could not lift the injunction on its attempts to appropriate funds for its wall
  1473. It was revealed Trump had been aware of billionaire Jeffery Epstein’s island where he conducted acts of pedophilia, even commenting he “likes them on the younger side”
  1474. Mishandled foreign policy to a point that even the British ambassador called him “clumsy and inept”
  1475. Bob Barr claimed the administration could legally add a citizenship question to the census, even after the Supreme Court ruled it could not
  1476. GOP fundraiser Elliot Broidy was probed for corrupt in connection to his role on Trump’s inauguration
  1477. Attempted to swap out his lawyers in his attempt to defend his citizenship question on the census
  1478. Continued to keep Alex Acosta as his Labor secretary despite mounting criticism of Acosta’s role in the Jeffery Epstein case
  1479. Launched a probe into France’s tax on technology giants, prompting fears of a new trade war
  1480. Threatened to veto the annual defense authorization bill because it was too stringent in contaminating chemical contamination
  1481. Bankrupted the DC municipal government’s security budget with his July 4th event
  1482. Planned a massive roundup of immigrants
  1483. Told Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes and Illhan Omar to “go back to wherever they came from”
  1484. Asked the Supreme Court to lift the injunction against his border wall
  1485. Froze fuel efficiency penalties
  1486. Began formally enforcing new abortion restrictions
  1487. Drastically reduced the number of Central American asylum seekers that will be allowed into the United States
  1488. Repeated his racist attacks on Congresswoman Illhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes, likely violating anti-discrimination laws
  1489. Condemned by the House of Representatives for his racist remarks
  1490. Made 13 false statements during a cabinet meeting
  1491. Invoked executive privilege to block the Congressional Intelligence Committee from accessing classified Mueller documents
  1492. Gutted programs aimed at stopping WMD terrorism
  1493. Unsealed documents revealed the FBI believed that Trump was closely involved to hush money scheme
  1494. Moved to change citizenship test
  1495. Passed a new rule limiting abortion referrals
  1496. Moved to slash the number of asylum seekers accepted into the US to zero
  1497. Told Mueller to limit his Congressional testimony
  1498. Expanded fast track deportations
  1499. Proposed a rule cutting 3.1 million people from food stamps
  1500. Sued by families 14 Iranians families separated by Trump’s travel ban
  1501. A judge blocked Trump’s near total ban of asylum seekers
  1502. Brought back Federal executions after two decades
  1503. Blocked election security bills
  1504. In his Congressional testimony Robert Mueller reiterated that the Mueller report did not exonerate Trump and he could be charged after leaving office
  1505. Made repeated racially charged attacks against representative Elijah Cummings
  1506. Lied to the media and grumbled about budget negotiations over his border wall
  1507. Found that threats against family members was not a sufficient basis for seeking asylum
  1508. Rejected Utah’s plan to expand Medicaid
  1509. Republicans in Congress blocked an override of Trump’s veto of a measure that would have blocked arms sales to Saudi Arabia
  1510. Continued to separate migrant families even after court order to stop
  1511. Exacerbated tensions with Iran by placing sanctions on the Iranian diplomat
  1512. Moved to make it harder to bring lawsuits for housing discrimination under the Fair Housing Act
  1513. Moved to end protected status for Syrian refugees
  1514. Exacerbated the trade war by threatening more tariffs for China
  1515. Cut legal funding for victims of human trafficking
  1516. Threatened to suspend journalist Brian Karem’s press pass, apparently in retaliation
  1517. Abused government surveillance powers
  1518. An ex-FBI official said the administration is “facilitating and enabling youth to commit terrorism”
  1519. Sued by states over fuel economy penalties
  1520. Caused the top scientist at the USDA to quit by burying his research
  1521. Gave half hearted responses to to mass shootings,  incorrectly saying they happened in Toledo and blaming violent video games
  1522. One day after China sent stock markets tumbling with retaliatory trade measures escalated the trade war further by labeling China a currency manipulator
  1523. Imposed additional sanctions on Venezuela
  1524. It was reported that an Iraqi man died as a direct result of being deported
  1525. A judge ruled that the Trump administration cannot withhold public safety grants for Oregon
  1526. Reauthorized wildlife killing cyanide bombs
  1527. Sued by California for failing to release his tax returns
  1528. Slammed by an Ex-Foreign Service Officer for gross managerial incompetence and “naked unapologetic cruelty”
  1529. Moved to decertify the immigration judges union
  1530. Moved to impose abortion restrictions on Federally funded family clinics
  1531. Moved to limit States’ powers block pipelines
  1532. Mocked the President of South Korea and the Prime Minister of Japan in a racist Asian accent
  1533. Significantly weakened the endangered species act
  1534. Sued by 22 states over the repeal of the Clean Power Plan
  1535. Trump spokesperson Cuccinelli said that the poem on the Statue of Liberty was only referring to European immigrants
  1536. Moved to pour more money into his immigration crackdown
  1537. Introduced a new rule to protect contractors who discriminate against LGBTQ workers
  1538. Made fun of a protesters weight at a rally
  1539. Forced workers to attend one of his speeches
  1540. Threatened to label Antifa as a terrorist group
  1541. Attempted to block migrant children from attending public school
  1542. Tightened restrictions on immigrant work permits
  1543. Sued for systematically failing to provide adequate healthcare in immigration detention facilities
  1544. Cut payments to USDA employees who didn’t want to relocate
  1545. Relaxed safety rules restricting hours for truck drivers
  1546. Accused American Jews of “disloyalty”
  1547. Joked about trading Puerto Rico for Greenland
  1548. Once again threatened to end birthright citizenship
  1549. Ramped up the trade war with China by raising tariffs by 5%
  1550. Threatened to further raise tariffs on Chinese goods to 30%
  1551. Suggested the G-7 summit be held at one of his resorts, inviting numerous emoluments fights
  1552. Falsely claimed Melania has “gotten to know” Kim Jong Un
  1553. Threatened to nuke hurricanes
  1554. Was left out of G7 discussion on climate change
  1555. Decided that citizenship will no longer be given to the children of soldiers born overseas
  1556. Promised a massive payoff for ethanol to offset the damage from his trade war
  1557. Moved to tap military funds to build his wall
  1558. Moved to roll back methane regulations
  1559. Sought to deport children with life threatening illnesses
  1560. Escalated the trade war by Implementing new tariffs on Chinese goods
  1561. Limited the scope of USDA dietary guidelines
  1562. Sought to undermine Medicare by boosting private plans
  1563. Slow walked $4bn in foreign aid
  1564. Reversed standards on energy efficient lightbulbs
  1565. Pushed out the top US asylum official
  1566. Showed a fake forecast of Hurricane Dorian
  1567. Diverted money from schools to build his wall
  1568. Called a correspondent into his office to argue that his inaccurate weather map wasn’t wrong
  1569. Moved to privatize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
  1570. Continued to consider putting tariffs on French products
  1571. Pushed to delay the release of 9/11 documents
  1572. Considered drastic cuts to refugees that will be allowed into the US
  1573. Attempted to bully California automakers over fuel standards
  1574. Threatened weather forecasters who didn’t back Trump’s inaccurate statements about Hurricane Dorian
  1575. Considered interceding in California’s housing shortage by demolishing homeless camps
  1576. Compelled airforce officials stay at Trump’s resorts
  1577. The US Supreme Court ruled to allow the Trump administration to impose their draconian asylum restriction
  1578. Rolled back clean water rules
  1579. Moved to open the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge
  1580. Cancelled California’s GI bill approval power
  1581. Claimed a nuclear war would be winnable
  1582. Trump’s appointment to the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, came under calls for impeachment under mounting cases of sexual misconduct
  1583. Ratcheted up hostilities with Iran after blaming it for the Yemeni drone attacks on Saudi oil facilities
  1584. Claimed a joint UNC-Duke program “portrayed Islam too positively”
  1585. Set a new record of 385,000 deportations in 2019
  1586. Revoked the authority of states to set their own mileage standards
  1587. Forced by Congress to release climate studies it had buried
  1588. Attracted a possible lawsuit over complaints brought by a whistle blower  over Trump’s interactions with Foreign leaders
  1589. Expelled two Cuban diplomats
  1590. Sued over attempts to divert funds for his border wall
  1591. Blocked the release of a whistleblower report on potentially illicit dealings with the Ukrainian leader, whom he asked to investigate Joe Biden
  1592. Dismantled the Bureau of Land Management, weakening a key agency standing between federal lands and fossil fuel companies
  1593. Threatened to withdraw billions of dollars in Highway funding from California in retaliation for environmental regulations
  1594. Came under a formal impeachment hearing for withholding aid from Ukraine in order to pressure them into investigating Joe Biden
  1595. Moved environmental review staff to states
  1596. Made a deal to keep asylum seekers in Honduras
  1597. Compared whistleblowers in the Ukraine scandal to “spies”
  1598. Attempted to cover up attempt to strong arm Ukraine into investigating Hunter Biden
  1599. Slashed the refugee cap to 18,000
  1600. Backed a Catholic Highschool on firing a gay teacher
  1601. A judge ruled to block the fast track deportation policy
  1602. Pressed Australia’s Prime Minister to help Attorney General Bob Barr investigate the source of the Mueller inquiry
  1603. Tried to argue the that the House of Representatives can’t sue to obtain Trump’s tax returns
  1604. Tweeted that the an impeachment would lead to a “Civil War”
  1605. Moved forward with plan to collect migrant DNA
  1606. Encouraged states to introduce “wellness plans” that discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions
  1607. Axed boards that protect marine life and protect against invasive species
  1608. Slapped a 25% tariff on whiskey and other food imports from the EU
  1609. Publicly called on China to investigate Joe Biden
  1610. Threatened to launch his own news network
  1611. Denied visas to uninsured immigrants
  1612. Ended the 5 year oil and gas moratorium in California
  1613. It was revealed Trump allies pressed Ukraine for lucrative gas deals
  1614. A second whistle blower came forward over Trump’s attempts to push Ukraine to investigate Biden
  1615. Nuclear talks with North Korea broke down
  1616. Threw Middle East policy into turmoil and ensured a Turkish assault on Syrian Kurds with a confused Syria policy
  1617. Forced servers to share their tips
  1618. Threatened to sue Minneapolis over security costs
  1619. Refused to cooperate with the impeachment inquiry
  1620. Tried to argue that the Kurds didn’t deserve US support because they didn’t land at Normandy
  1621. The EU ambassador agreed to testify against Trump in impeachment proceedings against the administration’s resistance
  1622. A judge blocked the administration’s “public charge” rule denying visas to low income immigrants
  1623. Ramped up deportations to Cuba
  1624. Withdrew troops from Northern Syria amid reports of Turkish atrocities and a resurgence of ISIS
  1625. Moved to expand logging in the Tongass national forest
  1626. It was found that 281 lobbyists have worked with the Trump administration
  1627. Continued to ask for citizenship details from states despite a court order not to
  1628. Had a meltdown after the House voted overwhelmingly for a resolution opposing the administrations troop withdrawal from Syria
  1629. Inserted a controversial tech liability clause into trade agreements
  1630. Engaged in a coordinated effort to block loan forgiveness to student borrowers
  1631. Moved to deny 1 million school children of free lunches
  1632. Admitted to a quid pro quo arrangement over the emerging scandal over Ukraine
  1633. Sued by veterans for his attempts to use military funds to build his border wall
  1634. Moved to expand DNA collection from migrants in custody
  1635. Trump’s Supreme Court ruled to allow GOP gerrymandering in Michigan
  1636. Claimed the emoluments clause was phony
  1637. The senior ambassador to Ukraine testified that the administration told him that the release of aid funds was contingent on their investigating Biden
  1638. Flipped off a female astronaut
  1639. Attempted to shut down impeachment hearings
  1640. Claimed Colorado is building a wall with Mexico despite not being a border state
  1641. Sued California over cap and trade agreement with Quebec
  1642. Denied assistance to immigrants low income immigrants applying for green cards
  1643. Halted all flights to Cuba except Havana
  1644. It was revealed the Trump had separated 1,556 more children from their parents than previously known
  1645. Booed at the World Series
  1646. Was ordered by a Federal Judge to provide documents from the Russian Investigation to Congress
  1647. Turned a review of the Russian Investigation into a criminal investigation
  1648. Informed Russia of Al-Baghdadi raid before he told Congress
  1649. Moved to prosecute fewer banks who violate FHA regulations
  1650. Blocked an effort by the Senate to reverse a rule that would let states allow substandard healthcare plans
  1651. A watchdog found the administration conducted its trade policy in an opaque way subject to improper influence
  1652. As a result of its dealings in the Ukraine scandal the House voted to begin a formal impeachment investigation
  1653. Was ordered to repay California $846,000 for its failed attempt to add a citizenship question to the census
  1654. Stopped enforcing several nondiscrimination provisions in Federal Grants
  1655. A judge blocked the administration’s new immigration healthcare requirements
  1656. Pushed new sanctions against Venezuela
  1657. The impeachment inquiry into the Ukraine scandal revealed at least three clear instances of Quid Pro Quos
  1658. A judge ruled that Trump’s rule allowing religious objections to abortion to be illegal
  1659. Ordered to pay $2mn to a nonprofit for violations to state charity laws
  1660. Made it easier to dredge protected areas for sand
  1661. Reviewed by the GAO for freezing military aid to Ukraine
  1662. Proposed fees on asylum seekers and DACA renewals
  1663. Caused children in Idaho to lose their health insurance
  1664. Attempted to undercut the democratically elected government of Bolivia
  1665. Its frivolous lawsuit to prevent people from obtaining Trump’s tax records was thrown out
  1666. It was revealed that Trump adviser Stephen Miller had a deep affinity with white nationalism, pushing racist stories and white supremacist literature in the 2016 election
  1667. During his testimony, diplomat Bill Taylor revealed a previously unknown phone wherein Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate Biden in exchange for aid
  1668. Said the US only in Syria “for the oil”
  1669. Allowed a man to import a lion trophy
  1670. Punished career diplomats and staffers for their ethnicity and perceived lack of loyalty
  1671. A judge ruled the Trump administration’s decision to allow 3D printed guns broke the law
  1672. Attacked former ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch after her impeachment testimony
  1673. Sued by California and several other states over fuel efficiency standards
  1674. Moved to take over private lands for its border wall
  1675. It was revealed the Trump administration knew as early as May 2019 that Ukrainian President Zelensky felt pressured by the administration to investigate Biden
  1676. Said Israeli West Bank settlements aren’t illegal
  1677. Came under investigation for lying to Robert Mueller during the Russian probe
  1678. Ambassador Gordon Sondland acknowledged that the Trump administration’s “quid pro quo” in Ukraine was widely known
  1679. Trump administration head of the CMS wasted $3mn on image consultants
  1680. Planned to allow states and towns to block refugees
  1681. Began deporting refugees to Guatemala
  1682. A judge blocked the administration’s attempts to revive the federal death penalty
  1683. Dialed up efforts to build the border wall
  1684. Gutted the staff overseeing more than $1bn in aid to Iraq
  1685. Sued by environmental groups for his tailpipe emissions standard rollback
  1686. Reversed Obama era safety regulations on hazardous materials
  1687. Trump’s Supreme court blocked a House Subpoena for Trump’s financial records
  1688. Had Rudy Guiliani pursue business deals with Ukranian businesses while trying to accuse Biden for doing the same thing
  1689. Contradicted his testimony by denying he instructed Guiliani on Ukraine
  1690. Moved to cut financial contribution to NATO
  1691. Sued by House committee for brazen obstruction of the census probe
  1692. It was revealed the administration projected that its border separation policy would separate 26,000 children from their parents, an amount far greater than they had the ability to track, but did it anyways
  1693. A judge rebuked Trump, telling him he was “not a king” when he refused to allow the House to subpoena Don McGahn
  1694. It was found the Trump administration’s proposed changes to the SNAP program would cause millions to lose their food stamps
  1695. House Republicans demonstrated their intent to block the impeachment inquiry despite apparently acknowledging that Trump did indeed withhold aid as a quid pro quo
  1696. Proposed introducing $2.4bn in new tariffs on French imports
  1697. Moved to kick 700,000 people off food stamps
  1698. Held up California’s homeless efforts
  1699. In the ongoing impeachment inquiries, legal scholars said that Trump’s actions in the Ukraine investigation constituted abuse of power
  1700. Canceled a trip to a NATO conference after getting mocked by foreign leaders
  1701. Sued over social media screening for visas
  1702. Authorized the use of “cyanide bombs”
  1703. Increased detentions of pregnant immigrants by 52%
  1704. Was rebuked by the Supreme court for attempting to bypass the legal process in reinstating the death penalty
  1705. Finalized plans to open 700,000 acres of California land to drilling
  1706. Went on an antisemitic tirade
  1707. Blocked a prominent NATO expert and Trump critic from speaking at a conference
  1708. Called the FBI “scum” at a rally
  1709. Continued to try to undermine the Russian probe, even after it was largely confirmed as being conducted in a valid way
  1710. ICE denied medical treatment to women with brain disease
  1711. Proposed changes to Social Security rules that will deny thousand disability payments
  1712. It was revealed that Trump had run a crooked charity
  1713. Attempted to cyberbully Greta Thunberg
  1714. Resisted disclosing documents regarding its conduct in Ukraine
  1715. Sided with Arizona in its attempts to undermine California’s business tax
  1716. Approved Medicaid work requirements in South Carolina
  1717. Refused to call the Armenian genocide a genocide
  1718. Sued for their practice of arresting immigrants engaged in court cases
  1719. Sent a 6 page letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi complaining about the impeachment vote
  1720. Impeached for abuse of power and obstruction of congress
  1721. The Republican congress immediately attempted to neuter the impeachment by refusing to allow witnesses
  1722. Trump advisers were caught discussing pursuing more aggressive voter suppression tactics in the 2020 election
  1723. Backed Bayer in a court case over its dangerous weedkiller, Roundup
  1724. Demanded Democrats strip Ukraine aid language out of spending package
  1725. It was revealed White House officials halted aid to Ukraine halted 91 minutes after Trump’s phone call with Ukraine’s President
  1726. Awarded billions in immigrant detention contracts in California
  1727. Stopped probing bird deaths due to environmental contaminants
  1728. Moved to block sanctions against Turkey for arms purchases
  1729. Demonized the homeless in a tweet criticizing Nancy Pelosi
  1730. Pushed drug cartel policy listing them as foreign terrorists over objections from his cabinet
  1731. Substantially increased DACA renewal fees
  1732. Shutdown a Federal database that tracks pollution
  1733. Rolled back LED light bulb regulations
  1734. Moved to hinder laws that allow undocumented workers to obtain drivers licenses
  1735. Criticized by science board for EPA rollbacks
  1736. Issued rule to restrict asylum eligibility
  1737. Documents revealed that Trump himself had ordered halt to Ukraine aid
  1738. Increased the backlog of toxic waste backlogs to the highest it’s been in 15 years
  1739. Extended the term of Bureau of Land Management head William Pendley despite severe criticism
  1740. Dramatically escalated the threat of war with Iran by assassinating  a top military commander, Qassim Soleimani
  1741. After the assassination, Trump posted a number of baiting tweets claiming Iran “never won a war”
  1742. Escalated tension with Iran further by immediately launching another strike against a medical convoy of an Iranian aligned militia
  1743. Threatened to commit a war crime by targeting 52 Iranian cultural sites
  1744. In retaliation for the strike in 1740, Iran lifted all uranium enrichment restrictions
  1745. As a consequence of the strike in 1740, the Iraqi parliament voted to expel the US military from Iraq
  1746. Instructed federal agencies to not take climate change into account when they attempt to calculate the impact of new policies
  1747. Cut Congress out of the strike and ensuing crisis with Iran to an extent that senators found “insulting”
  1748. Failed to regulate the autonomous vehicle market in any sort of way that would be adequate for ensuring public safety
  1749. Moved to block a women’s rights amendment
  1750. Began to deport asylum seekers to Honduras
  1751. Democrats released documents revealing the Trump’s involvement in the push pressure Ukraine and antagonize the ambassador to Ukraine
  1752. Impeachment documents were sent to the Senate
  1753. Said he kept troops in Syria to “keep the oil”
  1754. Complained about windmills and toilets
  1755. Republicans blocked efforts to restrict Trump’s war powers over Iran
  1756. Gulliani associate, Lev Parnas, confirmed that Trump and several high ranking Trump officials all knew about the effort to pressure Ukraine
  1757. Abruptly canceled 4 congressional briefings on Iran
  1758. Came under investigation for its “Opportunity Zone” program, which critics say has been used to benefit Trump’s associates
  1759. The GAO found Trump violated the law by withholding aid to Ukraine
  1760. Sued by the ACLU for its asylum agreement with Guatemala
  1761. Pressed for prayer in school
  1762. Lied when he claimed that no US troops had been harmed in the Iranian missile strike against a US military base
  1763. Sued by multiple states over his plan to cut food stamps
  1764. Altered photos of women’s march to remove criticism of Trump for the national archives
  1765. Spread conspiracy theories about the impeachment and Nancy Pelosi
  1766. It was revealed Republican House Intelligence Committee member Devin Nunes had been in contact with Lev Parnas and likely involved in the Ukraine Scandal
  1767. Campaigned to abolish end to end encryption to give law enforcement unfettered access to personal data
  1768. Eased firearm export rules
  1769. Moved to nix healthy lunch requirements
  1770. Blocked new evidence and witnesses from the impeachment trial
  1771. Moved to expand the travel ban to 7 additional countries
  1772. Moved to remove wetland protections
  1773. Permitted construction of the Keystone pipeline on Federally managed land
  1774. Dismissed soldiers’ traumatic brain injuries as “headaches”
  1775. Was caught on tape pushing for the ousting of the US ambassador to Ukraine
  1776. Apparently stole the Star Fleet logo to use as the basis of his space force
  1777. John Bolton revealed that Trump had tied aid to Ukraine to Biden investigation
  1778. Threatened Adam Schiff with a tweet
  1779. Praised Mike Pompeo for berating NPR
  1780. The congressional GOP acknowledged that Trump had probably withheld aid to Ukraine illegally, but refused to hold him accountable for it
  1781. Part of the Trump’s border wall fell over due to high winds
  1782. Expanded the Remain in Mexico program to include Brazilians
  1783. Argued that the President can do whatever they want in order to be reelected
  1784. Moved to loosen restrictions on landmines
  1785. Moved to cut Medicaid by converting the program into block grants and imposing spending caps
  1786. Blocked witnesses in the impeachment trial
  1787. Mocked a reporter’s transgender parent
  1788. Expanded the travel ban to include 6 new countries
  1789. Denied California the right to collect taxes on managed care organizations
  1790. Withheld $1bn in funding for renewable energy
  1791. Systematically ignored science in policy decisions
  1792. Gave Rush Limbaugh the Medal of Freedom
  1793. The Republican Senate voted to acquit Trump of abuse of power and obstruction of justice in a near party line vote
  1794. Suspended programs to help New York travelers
  1795. Opened his post impeachment “victory speech” by admitting he obstructed justice
  1796. Sens. Grassley and Johnson start investigating Hunter Biden and Alexandra Chalupa; Treasury Dept. hand over private info on Hunter Biden
  1797. A.G. Barr seized control of any prospective investigations into presidential candidates
  1798. Donald opened up potential drilling and logging on federal lands in Utah, in retribution for Romney’s vote to convict on impeachment
  1799.  Dynamited part of a mountain that’s a national monument to build more border wall
  1800. Still delayed $30M worth of arms to Ukraine
  1801. Donald fired Alexander Vindman from NSC and others for testifying on impeachment
  1802. Considered cutting off humanitarian aid to Yemen
  1803. Began reducing the size of National monuments
  1804. Attempted to restrict the style of Federal buildings
  1805. Sued over its global entry ban in #1794
  1806. Pushed over $1tn in cuts to Medicaid and other social programs
  1807. Moved to deport thousands of Hmong residents
  1808. Attempted to lighten prison convictions for Roger Stone
  1809. Was ordered to reopen an Immigration Detention Hotline it had shut down
  1810. Siphoned $3.8bn in funding for his border wall
  1811. Referred to himself as a king
  1812. Pushed for the CIA to kill Osama Bin Laden’s son over higher priority targets
  1813. Deployed border patrol to sanctuary cities
  1814. A Federal court struck down Medicaid work requirements the Trump administration had encouraged
  1815. After Trump’s DoJ intervened in the Roger Stone case a national association of Federal judges called for an emergency meeting to counter political interference
  1816. Initiated an ICE crackdown in New Jersey and elsewhere
  1817. Pardoned 11 highly corrupt individuals including Rod Blagojevich and Michael Milken
  1818. Insisted on keeping marijuana illegal

NOTE: I will try to update the Omnibus regularly, hopefully for the of  year duration of the Trump Administration. It only covers things that are done when Trump, or someone in his administration, is wearing the “President hat”, so to speak, so anything they’ve done before entering office is not included, nor are horrible things they’ve done on their own time. Ideally the list would mainly concern formal actions and their consequences, however informal practices (like how the administration deals with the media) or particularly brash proposals are still included, as they still reflect on the administration and can have consequences.

I don’t expect to be able to keep on top of everything, so if there are any other items you feel should be listed, just tell me and I’ll add it.

60 thoughts on “The “Everything Terrible The Trump Administration Has Done So Far” Omnibus

  1. suggestion: add dates and place in chronological order as we need to analyze 45’s attack plan, really bannon’s


    1. That’d probably a good idea. I’ll go through and add dates later, using the date reported as the rule of thumb. I was also thinking that at some point I’d also try to categorize things by issue, and put everything into an excel file for easy use.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. This is a fabulous compilation of incidents by this POTUS. I’m probably aware of a good percentage but I’m always wanting a cheat sheet as the whole mess is so overwhelming I often find myself just tongue-tied and can only think of the latest, most obvious, unforgettable but you always want something that would be of importance to the person you are speaking with at the moment so, however you can categorize it to make that easier might be helpful Can’t wait to fine tooth comb through this. Thank you for your great effort. People don’t know the extent!


      1. Yes, actually I do tend to categorize and date each item. If you look in the introductory paragraph you’ll see a link to a google sheet with everything categorized, dated, etc., as well as a pivot table you can play around with.


  2. It’s too bad he didn’t run for office 8 years ago and keep the unAmerican democrats from carrying out their program to destroy America.


  3. I agree with everything Donald Trump has done in his few days in office. He has accomplished far more good for America than Barack Obama did in 8 horrible years.


  4. Thank you! I’ve been waiting and waiting on this. Why? I want to create a questionnaire for those who still defend him, asking why they condone and support certain things he’s done. This omnibus provides an excellent reminder of the onslaught of travesties. His people own this now, and it is incumbent upon them, if they are going to continue to to defend him, to answer for what he has done and, moreover, to explain why each action is good for the nation. I realize the yazoos brandishing confederate flags on the backs of their trucks would not have the faculties to address the issues that I will include on my questionnaire even if they tried, but they are not my target demographic. I want to direct it to the strangest anomaly of all: those people I know (I’m sure we all do) who are informed, educated and well-spoken, and STILL support this regime. I don’t expect anyone to agree with all of what he has done – I certainly had complaints about Obama – but I do expect a supporter to I agree with most of it…and EXPLAIN WHY.

    Note: I was the last person in America to know who won the election. You may have seen it on the news.


  5. Thank you for this compilation!! I just wanted to give you a heads up that “transgendered” is actually an inaccurate (and for many, offensive) term for trans folks.

    Their gender identity isn’t past tense, they’re trans right now! Would you please edit for the sake of more inclusive and accurate reporting.

    Thanks again for the great compilation, and let’s keep fighting the good fight 🙂

    Colin Sullivan


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  7. People should do what I’m doing: Making a .wpd, .doc or .txt file to keep handy on your PC. It will prove a handy reference as time goes by, when you need access to any particular issue on which the fascists (ALL Republicans) throw out lies. The “find” attribute will come in handy, especially as the list grows.

    A few months ago, I did the same thing with an article describing the first 50 lies by Trump, and a later version of 100 lies. I’m sure it’s archaic by now, but I haven’t seen an updated version.

    Isn’t it a hoot that a man who can’t even read has become encyclopedic, when you look at what he’s said and done?

    Does that make him literate, then?

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Thank you for this of accomplishments performed by our Glorious God-Emperor. I will be passing it along to /pol/ and other places so that it can be used to attack shills of the “hurr durr what has drumpf done?” variety.


    1. I’m glad you and your mutant friends will get a lot of enjoyment laughing about how much you owned the libs when Trump shut down a medical database you never heard of that doctors rely on.

      Oh wait, no, you won’t because that subreddit you all hang out at doesn’t exist anymore because you’re all self sabotaging dumbasses who don’t really have control over anything…


  9. Hello. I’ve been sharing this page around and I’ve had two people complain that they are being redirected to scam sites. I believe this information is very important and should be shared freely but I also don’t want to unwittingly infect people with viruses or malware.

    I have no way of knowing whether this problem is coming from your end or their end as I’m personally using NoScripts and Adblock and I’ve never had any such problem on this page. I just thought you should be made aware.

    Thank you for your efforts.


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