This is Just a Page for Coronavirus Mutual Aid Funds Now

I’ve discontinued the omnibus. I don’t think it helped, and I don’t feel good about it anymore. So instead, in the spirit of making progressively longer and longer lists of things, I’m going to make a list of mutual aid funds for people hit by the coronavirus outbreak and economic collapse for anyone who’s stumbled onto this page.

Big Doors has an extensive list of mutual aid funds, plus resources on how to set them up

Scalawag offers a list of Coronavirus Mutual Aid Funds in the South

The Restaurant Opportunities Center has and extensive list of mutual aid funds and petitions to sign, including:

The Domestic Worker Coronavirus Care Fund

The Nail Salon Worker Resilience Fund

Meals on Wheels

One Fair Wage Emergency Fund

The Restaurant Workers Community Foundation Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund

No Kid Hungry Fund

Greater PGH Restaurant Workers Fund

PGH Artist Emergency Fund

Pittsburgh Covid-19 LGBTQIA Emergency Relief Fund

Pittsburgh Mutual Aid Spreadsheet

Pitt Mutual Aid

Pittsburgh Virtual Tip Jar

Pittsburgh Stage Employee Bailout

NYC United Against Coronavirus Information

Portland Coronavirus Mutual Aid Fund

American Guild of Musical Artists Relief Fund

Blues Foundation HART Fund

Convertkit Creative Fund

COVID-19 Mutual Aid Fund for LGBTQI+ BIPOC Folks (GoFundMe)

Equal Sound Corona Relief Fund

Freelance Coop Emergency Fund

Jazz Foundation of America Musicians’ Emergency Fund

68 thoughts on “This is Just a Page for Coronavirus Mutual Aid Funds Now

      1. On a hard drive on my computer, but I’m not giving it to anyone. Maybe if people wise up and realize what a mistake they’d be making nominating Biden, but otherwise I’m not going to put in the voluntary effort.

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      1. March 10, Sanders gets his clock cleaned. On or around March 11 you pull this really cool resource. Hats off to all the work you did.

        But instead of recognizing your candidate lost, you’re going into full attack on Biden mode. Are you going to vote for trump to show how upset you are with Biden?

        It’s BS like this that proves how toxic and immature Berniebros can be. Grow up!


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